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What do the different SPFs in sunscreens mean?

Understanding the SPFs in Sunscreens

Sunscreens are important to wear while tanning if you want to avoid any damage to your skin. Sunscreens keep ultraviolet rays from penetrating the skin by either absorbing or reflecting the sun's rays. It is always a good idea to make sure you understand what the various SPFs mean so that you can make the best decision possible when determining what kind of lotion to use.

Lotions with a high SPF level contain Oxybenzone (or Benzophenone-3), a UVA absorber. Padimate is the most widely used UVA absorber and Parsol is a newer innovation that is highly effective at blocking the sun's rays. If you are using sunscreen, be sure to apply it 20 minutes before beginning to tan.

As a general rule, SPF 2 guards against approximately 50 percent of ultraviolet rays, an SPF 10 blocks about 85 percent of UV rays and an SPF 15 guards against approximately 95 percent of ultraviolet rays. Most health professionals will recommend using a lotion with an SPF 15 because they want you to block out most of the sun's rays.

Even if you want to use a tanning bed and don't want to use sunscreen on your body to get the darkest possible tan, you should still be aware that some parts of your body still need a product with SPF. For instance, you should always apply a product with the maximum SPF on your lips. Also, some parts of your body may be more affected by the sun than others, such as your nose and cheeks, and you might want to apply a stronger SPF product on these parts. Just because you want the ultimate tan, does not mean you should ignore sunscreens with SPF all together.

What are the different kinds of tanning bed lotions and what do they do?

Types of Tanning Lotion for Indoor Tanning

The best tanning bed lotion is the kind recommended by industry professionals. Don't be fooled by cheap tanning lotion or end-of-season discount tanning lotion - you may be paying for outdated products. Always buy tanning bed lotions from your salon or tanning bed retailer to be sure you are buying a quality product. MasterTanning, a retailer of SunVision tanning beds and wholesale tanning lotion, has some useful information about the different types of tanning salon lotions available to help you achieve that bronzed look:

  • Sunless tanning lotion creates a chemical change on the skin with dihydroxyacetone, or DHA. It combines with your natural amino acids to produce temporary color on the skin. Self-tanning lotion should not be confused with an airbrush (or spray on) tan, which temporarily colors the skin for a short period of time.
  • Bronzers work like makeup and come in a powder or lotion. Some contain DHA and will tan the skin the same way as sunless tanning lotions.
  • Indoor tanning lotion refers to products that do one or more of the following: moisturize the skin, develop your tan, and/or prevent sunburn.
  • Tanning oil usually contains grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and/or sesame oil, along with other ingredients. They are thought to provide anti-aging properties and protection from the sun. If you use tanning oil, be sure to purchase products specific to indoor or outdoor use. Sunscreen can be applied to the skin before using oils if they don't already contain an SPF factor. Always follow manufacturer and salon recommendations when using tanning oil.
  • Sunblock blocks the rays of the sun and will prevent a tan.
  • Sunscreen can help you tan without getting a burn. Look for an SPF number in tanning lotion products if you want protection. The higher the SPF number, the more protection you will have from burning.
  • Some types of tanning lotions are for tanning beds only. Do not confuse outdoor products with indoor tanning bed lotions - indoor lotions are only meant to be used in tanning beds and may not protect your skin from an outdoor sunburn.

Should my tanning salon sell sunless tanners?

Selling Sunless Tanners in Tanning Salons

Some people want to obtain a golden tan on their skin but are worried about the effects of UV rays and would rather not use tanning beds all the time. If you own a salon, it is always a good idea to offer a sunless tanner along with the rest of your product line.

Sunless tanners are gaining popularity because of innovations that allow users to obtain a more even tan, without the icky orange color a lot of people remember. Sunless tanners also allow users to get a "quick" tan that they can do from home without having to sit in a bed for any extended amount of time.

Sunless tanners can help add profit to your salon because many people want to use them in addition to tanning in a tanning bed. People will often go into a tanning bed and cover their face with a towel because they are worried about facial damage and wrinkles. Many tanners will tan in the beds and then use sunless tanners to get the same golden glow on their faces. Also, sunless tanners can be used to darken the hard-to-tan places, such as hands and feet, and can also fill in pressure points and even out tan lines.

So, while sunless tanners may seem like a strange product to sell at your tanning bed salon, they may help add profit and assure customers that you are their one-stop shop for all their tanning needs.

What are tingle or hot action tanning lotion products?

Tingle or Hot Action Tanning Lotion Products

Tingle or hot action tanning lotion products can add a little extra fun and relaxation to your tanning session, and can even help you get the ultimate tan. These products contain ingredients -- usually benzyl or methyl nicotinate -- that cause micro-circulation, which brings blood to the top of the skin, increasing blood flow and oxygenation of the skin cells. This oxygenation helps nutrients reach the skin, which expedites the skin's natural growth and maintenance processes. The more oxygen your skin gets during tanning, the better your results will be.

While many people enjoy using these products, you should always be aware that they may cause m ild to intense tingling of the skin, reddening of the skin and mild to intense heat on the surface of the skin. These sensations can sometimes bother users or cause them to have an unwanted reaction. If this happens, stop using the hot action product immediately.

The reddening and warming effects produced by this lotion are a result of the increased blood flow and the effects are temporary. The duration is dependent on the intensity of the product and the sensitivity of your own skin.

How should I display my salon's tanning lotions?

How to Display Your Salon's Tanning Lotions

Since selling tanning lotions can bring in a lot of extra revenue to your salon, you should make sure they are displayed so that you can reach the highest possible sales levels. Displays of tanning lotions can also make your salon look more attractive and give it a more professional feel.

Many advertising and marketing experts have opinions on how the lotions should be displayed in your salon. But one thing they all agree on is the fact that your products need to be organized. Disorganization will cause your salon to look messy and customers may not even look at your displays if they are a mess; this could cause a potential loss of money.

In general, you should stack your products at least four deep and put a mirror behind then for extra impact. Place the best selling items at eye level and the slowest sellers right below. It's always a good idea to center your display around a theme, whether it's a special holiday display or bronzers. Also, keep the importance of color in mind and try to make your displays visually appealing, rather than a mish-mash of colors.

Think carefully about where to place your tanning lotion displays. Make sure you put them in a place that receives a lot of foot traffic, such as by the door or next to the reception desk.

What should I look for in a moisturizing tanning lotion?

Moisturization is Essential to the Perfect Tan

It is extremely important to keep skin moisturized any time you are tanning. Moist skin tans much better than dry skin. Moisture will also make skin softer and will keep it from forming wrinkles as quickly as dry skin.

A good moisturizer will not only add moisture to the skin, but it will also add some oils to the skin. If you have severely dry skin, a moisturizer with additional oils will be best for you. However, some people don't like having a greasy feeling on their face and body so make sure you purchase a product you feel comfortable using.

Moisturizers should also include sodium PCA, or sodium pyrollidone carboxylic acid, which is an efficient natural moisturizing factor that includes a lot of water to keep your skin soft. Other moisturizing factors that are not natural include sodium isethionate, glycerin and panthenol.

Vitamins are also important to the health of skin. Without vitamins, you skin will be susceptible to oxidative damage from pollutants that can deplete the antioxidant system. Moisturizing lotions that include vitamin E or tocopheryl acetate are the best to fight this damage. Vitamin C is also included in good moisturizers because it works together with the vitamin E. Scientists have actually found that these vitamins are more powerful together than alone.

There are many important ingredients that should be included in a moisturizing tanning lotion so you can get the best possible tan and keep your skin as healthy as possible. It is always a good idea to use a moisturizing lotion while tanning and also to apply it throughout the day.

What are tanning lotions that contain bronzers?

Tanning Lotions that Contain Bronzers

Tanning lotions that contain bronzers will help to enhance and darken your tan, blend unevenly tanned areas and enrich the color of the tanned skin. Bronzers are becoming extremely popular and are now often included in moisturizers or offered in powder makeup form so that everyone can have bronzed, sun-kissed skin.

Tanning lotions with bronzers can work for anyone, but their perfect for people who have hit a tanning plateau and are looking to get even darker. If the lotion contains a cosmetic bronzer, it will immediately show color that will wash off in the shower. DHA is a time-released bronzer that will gradually appear on the skin a couple of hours after tanning and will last much longer than the cosmetic bronzer.

Be careful when choosing your tanning lotion with bronzer; you may want to ask a salon employee for help. The darker the stain of the lotion you are using, the darker your base tan needs to be or the lotion may cause streaking. Always wash your hands after using a tanning lotion that contains a cosmetic bronzer.

How should I price my salon's tanning lotions?

How to Price Your Salon's Tanning Lotions

Deciding how to price your salon's tanning lotions is a very important factor in determining how well the products will sell. Before you decide how to price them, it is always a good idea to conduct a break-even and return-on-investment analysis of your business. Once you are aware of your break-even point, you can start figuring out how much higher you must price items to start making a profit.

In general, tanning lotion manufacturers will suggest a retail price of about 50 percent higher than the price you paid for them. The suggested retail price is a good starting point to work with as it will allow you to increase the price or decrease it to offer the customer a discount.

It is important not to make the tanning lotion prices too high or customers will automatically be turned off. When you are trying to make a sale, suggest a more expensive lotion to the customer letting them know that that particular lotion will give them the best results. If they object and say they wish to spend less, you can move down a level and offer them something a little less expensive.

Many times, when your tanning lotions are priced correctly, you have the option of offering your customers a discounted bottle of lotion upon the purchase of a tanning package. You will still get a profit from the sale of the lotion and you will also open the door for future sales with the customer.

Another good idea is to keep your salon stocked with sample packets of tanning lotions. You can sell these packets for just a few dollars apiece, allowing your customers to try various types out before buying a larger, more expensive bottle. Selling sample packets of tanning lotion is a good way to get future sales for your salon.

Do I need to use an SPF when indoor tanning?

Indoor Tanning and SPF

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. In general, you don't need to wear a tanning lotion with SPF. There are specific tanning lotions for indoor tanning, however, that uses SPF for people who may be more sensitive to UV light. A professional at the tanning salon may recommend you use a tanning lotion to protect your skin if you need to.

Tanning lotions with SPF may not block you from tanning but it will help your skin if it is more sensitive. You can tan longer without getting a sunburn.

Can I use indoor tanning outdoors?

Tanning Lotions

Consumers are often confused with the difference between tanning products. There are tanning lotions, sunscreen, sun block, tan enhancers and much more. Some products combine their uses, making it more difficult to pick out which product you should use. If you find yourself suffering from dry skin after a tan, you will need a product called tanning lotion. Like regular lotions, you will get back some of the moisture, as tanning may dry out the skin on some people.

Tanning lotion usually has additional benefits, like tan enhancing agents. You don't stop tanning once you step out of the tanning bed. Instead, your skin continues to develop and the additional tanning agent in your tanning lotion may help develop your tan.

How do I decide what kind of tanning lotion to use.

How to Decide What Type of Tanning Lotion to Use

Because there are so many different brands of tanning lotion and so many different types within a brand, it can make your head spin when trying to decide what lotion will be best to use.

The best thing you can do is to ask the employee at a salon you frequent. They generally have a lot of experience with various types of lotions and in listening to your skin's needs and your desires, they can help you choose the lotion that will give you the tan closest to what you want.

Salons also usually sell sample lotion packets for a few dollars each. It definitely can't hurt to purchase a few and try them out before committing to buying a whole bottle of lotion. Because lotion can be expensive, it is never wise to buy an entire bottle without having any idea whether or not you're going to like it. Many different factors can go into whether or not you'll like a lotion, including the scent of the lotion and how greasy it makes your skin feel.

If you are still confused about what lotion is best for you, go online to various tanning lotion websites and tanning forums and read lotion descriptions and user reviews. Also, ask your friends or other customers who frequent your salon what they like to use and why they choose it. It can't hurt to get first-hand advice from people who have actually tried the tanning lotions themselves.

Is moisturizing important to tanning?

Tanning Lotion and Moisturizing

For some skin types, tanning may dry out your skin. Don't worry. There are specific tanning lotions available to you that will prevent your skin from becoming dry.

There are a several types of tanning lotion available. Some you put on before you tan to prevent your skin from drying out and some you put on after to introduce moisturizers after a tan.

Be careful not to put on any sort of lotion that is not approved for tanning. If you do, you may experience redness or a burning sensation. There are tanning lotions you can usually buy at the tanning salon specifically made for use in a tanning bed. Be sure to ask a professional at the tanning salon about what sort of tanning lotion you can use on dry skin.

What does SPF mean?

Sunscreen and the SPF Factor in Tanning Lotions

There are many products available for tanning. There are tanning lotions, which add moisturizer to the skin and sunscreen with SPF and sun block to keep off UV rays altogether.

Some products are mixed. Tanning lotions sometimes contain sunscreen. You can tell as anything with an SPF number, a sun protection factor is considered a sunscreen. You generally wear the product before you tan to prevent sunburn. You can still tan with sunscreen. In fact, there are specific tanning lotions with sunscreen used for either indoor or outdoor tanning. Don't mix the two. Ask a professional at a tanning salon if you are unsure which product you need.

What is in sunless tanning lotions?

Sunless Tanning Lotions

Thanks to new breakthroughs in sunless tanning lotions, you can now get the tan you want without visiting tanning beds or tanning outdoors. Some people associate sunless tanning lotions with orange streaks or spots where you've missed places on your skin.

Now, with new sunless tanning lotions, you don't need to worry about orange streaks or other issues. There are many types of lotions out there for light to dark skin that is just right for you and easy to apply.

Sunless tanning lotions, however, do not replace the need to get some regular sunshine. Sunlight gives us much more than just a tan. We also need vitamin D and sunlight may help us with minor aches and pains, acne or medical conditions like SAD.

Should I used tanning oils when indoor tanning?

Tanning Lotions and Indoor Tanning

There are tanning lotions specifically designed for indoor tanning. They help moisturize and prep your skin to tan faster. Tanning lotions should be bought at the tanning salon, as you don't want to mix them up with outdoor tanning lotion. The tanning salon attendant can help you find the best lotion for your skin.

Some tanning lotion is for before you tan and some are for after. Be aware of the difference when purchasing.

How much UV protection do Sunless Tanning Lotions offer?

Sunless Tanning Lotions and UV Protection

Sunless tanning lotions are not a replacement for proper sun protection. You still need sunscreen when out in the sun.

Sunless tanning lotions only provide color to the top layer of your skin. The tan may give you a little protection from the sun, but not much more than your normal skin. Think of it as a SPF 2.

You will still need special sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more depending in your skin type.

What is the best coverage for sunscreen?

Tanning Lotions: Coverage for Indoor Tanning

Tanning lotions come in all types. Some include sunscreen with the tanning lotion. You still get a tan with such tanning lotions, even in an indoor tanning bed, while protecting yourself from sunburns.

If you are concerned about sunburns but still want to tan, talk to a professional at a tanning salon. The professional should direct you to the appropriate tanning lotion you should use. The types you would find may include specific differences for before and after tanning. Most tanning lotions will keep your skin soft and supple while in the tanning bed and afterwards.

Cover your body with the tanning lotion to prevent sunburns as directed. Depending on the type of tanning lotion you have, you may need another kind if you plan to tan outdoors. Indoor tanning lotion and outdoor tanning lotion are different and you won't get the same protective coverage between the two.

SPF is ambiguous, what does it mean?

Sun Protection Factors

Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, is a guide to show you how long you can wear a specific type of sunscreen. People need different types of sunscreen and different SPF factors depending on how long they plan to be out in the sun and what sort of skin type they have.

A person with skin type I, or white, sensitive skin, should wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 if they plan to be outside for just one hour. Someone with dark skin, a skin type of VI, would only need an SPF of 4 for the same amount of time.

The SPF number would go up depending on how long you would like to be outside with one application. The problem comes from how much people use and how often they reapply. You need to use a good amount of sunscreen. Most people use only a thin layer. You'll need to put on a generous amount and reapply ever hour to be able to use the sunscreen with SPF effectively.

What is the right way to use sunscreen?

Using Sunscreen Properly

Sunscreen protects your skin from UV rays. With sunscreen, you still tan.

Most people do not apply enough sunscreen. Scientists say you need one 120ml bottle in an 8-hour period in the sun. This is nowhere close to what most people actually use.

If you use the same bottle of sunscreen for the whole summer, you don't use enough. Sunscreen products last one year, toss your sunscreen from last year.

What does SPF mean?

Sunscreen and SPF

With so many different products, you may not be aware of the difference between sunscreen, sun block and tanning lotion. Sunscreen contains a SPF number. SPF stands for sun protection factor. This means the sunscreen has certain agents that will prevent the sunrays from reaching your skin for a certain amount of time.

As an example, the difference between sun block and sunscreen is the SPF. Sun block contains chemicals that blocks the sunrays altogether. Sun block doesn't need an SPF number. With sunscreen, you can usually get a tan without worrying about sunburns, if used properly.

Sunscreen can be used in tanning beds. If you have sensitive skin, you can use a tanning lotion with sunscreen. It means you'll get special lotions to moisturize and sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns while you tan safely.

Can I tan with my temporary tattoo?

Tanning Lotion and Temporary Tattoos

You may tan with a temporary tattoo on your skin. If you use tanning lotion or oil, you will ruin the tattoo.

It may not be safe, however, to be wearing a tattoo that is not water based on your skin while getting sun. The skin has different reactions to chemicals in tattoos depending on the kind you are wearing.

If you are unsure, remove the tattoo with some baby oil before getting into a tanning bed.

Is a hotter bed going to give me a better tan?

Tanning Beds and Tanning Lotion

If you have sensitive skin, a session in a tanning bed is the best way to regulate how much UV light you get. You can even use special tanning lotions, which are important to help keep your skin moisturized. Some tanning lotions contain sunscreen. Sunscreen contains an agent that keeps a person with sensitive skin from getting sunburn. This may seem counterproductive. Won't sunscreen prevent you from getting a tan too?

The truth is, tanning lotions with sunscreen are specifically designed so you will get a tan without the risk of getting sunburn when used properly. A professional at a tanning salon has special tanning lotions for before you tan, which helps prevent burning. You should also be able to find tanning lotions that you can put on after a tan that will help your tan develop even after you step out of a tanning bed.

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