Tanning Lotions that Contain Bronzers

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What are tanning lotions that contain bronzers?

Tanning Lotions that Contain Bronzers

Tanning lotions that contain bronzers will help to enhance and darken your tan, blend unevenly tanned areas and enrich the color of the tanned skin. Bronzers are becoming extremely popular and are now often included in moisturizers or offered in powder makeup form so that everyone can have bronzed, sun-kissed skin.

Tanning lotions with bronzers can work for anyone, but their perfect for people who have hit a tanning plateau and are looking to get even darker. If the lotion contains a cosmetic bronzer, it will immediately show color that will wash off in the shower. DHA is a time-released bronzer that will gradually appear on the skin a couple of hours after tanning and will last much longer than the cosmetic bronzer.

Be careful when choosing your tanning lotion with bronzer; you may want to ask a salon employee for help. The darker the stain of the lotion you are using, the darker your base tan needs to be or the lotion may cause streaking. Always wash your hands after using a tanning lotion that contains a cosmetic bronzer.



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