Tanning Lotions: Coverage for Indoor Tanning

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What is the best coverage for sunscreen?

Tanning Lotions: Coverage for Indoor Tanning

Tanning lotions come in all types. Some include sunscreen with the tanning lotion. You still get a tan with such tanning lotions, even in an indoor tanning bed, while protecting yourself from sunburns.

If you are concerned about sunburns but still want to tan, talk to a professional at a tanning salon. The professional should direct you to the appropriate tanning lotion you should use. The types you would find may include specific differences for before and after tanning. Most tanning lotions will keep your skin soft and supple while in the tanning bed and afterwards.

Cover your body with the tanning lotion to prevent sunburns as directed. Depending on the type of tanning lotion you have, you may need another kind if you plan to tan outdoors. Indoor tanning lotion and outdoor tanning lotion are different and you won't get the same protective coverage between the two.



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