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What accessory will help a salon get more customers?

Salon Tanning Bed Signs

It is important for tanning salons to have ample signage to inform customers the status of each of the salon's beds. Not only will they help customers, but they will also help the owners to keep track of which beds are occupied and which beds need to be sanitized.

Signs placed outside each tanning bed stating "this bed has been sanitized," after it's been cleaned will make customers more comfortable.

Other signs that may be helpful for salons are signs informing customers how to use the beds and of the dangers of beds. It is also important to have a sign in each booth letting customers know they must wear protective eyewear.

For an attractive salon on the outside and inside, owners should be sure to purchase signage to entice customers to enter their salon. Neon signs are a hot look for salons because the bright neon lights make potential customers think of tropical and sunny locations. Many times the signs will also have a bright sun on it.

If you own a salon that is also a hair and nail salon, it is important that you put a big sign in the window that tells people you are also a tanning salon. If you are solely a tanning salon, you should have a sign the lights up when you are open.

Another great window sign idea is to inform customers that your salon has brand new bulbs in its tanning beds.

What is high-contrast tanning?

High Contrast-Tanning

What is high-contrast tanning? It's a style of tanning that involves using teeth whiteners to help show off a great tan. Some whiteners are activated by heat in tanning beds to lift stains. Kits come with a mouthpiece and mint-flavored solution that gives professional results in minutes, during tanning sessions. Most people see results in two to four sessions. They are only meant to be used once per day, for 8 to 30 minutes. For low pressure tanning beds, it may require 25 minutes to be effective. If you have a big event coming up, or you just want to brighten your smile, take the opportunity to brighten while you tan. You can find teeth whitening supplies from your tanning bed supplies and tanning accessories dealer. Look for them at MasterTanning (www.mastertanning.com), and always follow safety recommendations from the manufacturer.

How can I prevent my nails from yellowing in a tanning bed?

Nail Savers to Prevent Yellowing

UV light from tanning beds often causes people's fingernails to turn yellow, especially when tanners have acrylics or other fake nails. After an expensive manicure or before a hot date, nobody wants yellow fingernails. People sometimes go through the trouble of putting band-aids on their hands to cover all of their nails, but now there is a special tanning bed accessory that can easily prevent the yellowing of fingernails whenever you go tanning.

Nail Savers are little plastic covers for your nails that prevent UV light from discoloring your nails. Nail Savers are sold ten in a pack and can be used over and over.

You can also purchase a special nail polish topcoat that contains a special UV protecting agent. If you get your nails done in a salon, tell your manicurist you use tanning beds and ask her to apply a topcoat to your manicure.

What are some accessories for my tanning bed?

Tanning Bed Supplies and Accessories

Whether you run a salon or have an in-home tanning bed, you'll need to find tanning bed accessories from a tanning supply source you can depend upon. Look for reputable tanning accessories distributors who offer customer service, financing for your business, and advice. Tanning bed supplies and tanning accessories include:

  • Tanning bed stickers - They come by the roll and are used to show off a tan by placing them somewhere on the body. The sticker creates an untanned spot or "tan tattoo."
  • Tanning eye wear - A must if you own a salon or have your own tanning bed. Tanning goggles protect the eyes from UV damage and come in a variety of colors and shapes.
  • Tanning bonnets - Protect the hair and scalp from UV damage, especially for those with color-treated hair.
  • Protective lip balm with an SPF-15 - Protect lips from burning. For accidental burns, there is also a healing lip balm on the market.
  • Manicure savers - Protect nails from UV damage. They are reusable, and can be slipped over finger and toe nails.
  • Ear phones - A great accessory for tanning beds if you don't have speakers built-in to your tanning room.
  • Acrylic polish - Easy to use (just wipe) and it will keep your tanning bed looking new.

Do tanning pills help to accentuate tans?

Tanning Pills: An Accessory You Should Stay Away From

Tanning pills are a tanning accessory you should beware of. Most of these pills are commercially banned in the United States and the Skin Cancer Foundation strongly cautions tanners from using them.

Tanning pills got a good name because they help users tan faster and darker than they would without the pills. However, it is always a bad idea to take any type of pill that claims to accentuate the effects of tanning.

The pills contain a carotenoid called canthaxanthin and have been associated with hepatitis and urticaria, which is a condition that causes excessive itching and skin eruptions. Because the pills technically interact with the sun to create a tan, they actually accentuate the damage done to the skin. Whatever you do, make tanning pills a tanning accessory you stay away from.

How can I apply my lotion evenly?

Lotion Applicators to Get Those Hard to Reach Spots

Lotion applicators are always a handy accessory to have stocked in a salon because there is nobody who can't benefit from using one before lying down in the tanning bed. These applicators are usually long paddle-like sticks and inexpensive.

The purpose of a lotion applicator is to assist tanners in applying tanning lotion to those hard to reach areas on the body. If you're in a salon by yourself and have no one to help rub your tanning lotion in, the applicator will greatly assist you. Simply place lotion on the end of the applicator, and use it to apply and rub in lotion to your back and other hard to reach spots.

Lotion applicators help to apply your lotion in order to ensure that your tan is even and streak-free.

What's a fun accessory I can use while in a tanning bed?

Tanning Body Stickers

Fun and handy accessories to use while in a tanning bed are tanning body stickers. These stickers serve two purposes for tanners. Not only can the customer see how well the bed is working to darken their skin, they can also have a little fun.

The stickers come in many different shapes and designs and can be placed anywhere on the body. These stickers act as a sun block and prevent UV light from reaching the skin. Therefore, when you're done with your session in the tanning bed, you can remove the sticker and see how tan your skin got by examining how clear the sticker's image shows up.

Also, many people use the stickers as a way to decorate their skin. They're cheaper and less permanent than tattoos and there is a wide variety of designs to choose from such as hearts, bunnies and short phrases. The stickers are pretty cheap to purchase and some tanning salons even give them away free to customers.

How else can I improve my look while tanning?

Whiten Your Teeth While Tanning

Two of the biggest beauty trends these days are being tan and having white teeth. Now you can save time and do both at once with some exciting new tanning accessories.

The new teeth whitening products contain an ingredient called Carbamide Peroxide gel that is actually activated by the UV light from a tanning bed. Once the gel is activated, it releases oxygen into the teeth, which penetrates the enamel and lifts stains from the teeth.

If you use the whitening product every time you tan, you should begin to see results within a few sessions. They can be used as often as you'd like, but shouldn't be used more than once a day. They are also meant to be used for eight to 30 minutes per session and should vary depending on the pressure of the bed.

Some users of this whitening product report increased sensitivity to cold and minor gum irritation, but these symptoms should go away if you stop using the products for a couple days.

Two well known brands of teeth whitening while tanning products are Twilight Teeth and Hollywood White.

How should a tanning bed be cleaned?

Tanning Bed Cleaners and Sanitizers

Cleaners and sanitizers are an extremely important accessory for every salon to have. There are no laws stating that salon owners have to sanitize their beds, but any good salon will not only clean their beds but also offer customers products to re-sanitize the beds to their liking. If you are a tanning salon customer and have any doubts about the cleanliness of a tanning salon, stop going there.

After a customer uses a tanning bed, the employees of the salon should spray with a sanitizer and wipe down the top and bottom sheets of acrylics, as well as the head pillow and foot of the bed. Also, any area with potential customer contact should be wiped down. This should also be done at the beginning and end of each day.

The disinfectant used to clean the beds should be hospital-strength germicidal, but it shouldn't contain any ammonia or ammonia-related ingredients because these can damage the finish of the beds.

There are various type of cleaners, some of which leave the tanning beds with a nice scent. Some merely disinfect without a scent, and some leave the bed with a polished shine.

What can I do if I don't want to tan nude but don't want tan lines?

Tan-Through Swimwear For Even Tans

Tan-through swimsuits are a perfect idea if you don't want to go into a tanning bed nude, but you don't want any annoying tan lines. These suits are made from a micro-fiber technology fabric with thousands of tiny pores that allow the sun to shine through. These bathing suits are more comfortable than a regular suit because they allow your skin to breathe. Also, because of the suit's pores, the fabric will dry faster if you decide to take a dip in the pool while wearing it.

The tan-through suits actually act as a mild sunscreen (between 6 to 10 SPF), cooling your body while tanning it at the same time. While it is possible to burn in your suit, it will take longer than it would when being completely exposed to the sun.

Remember to wear sunscreen on all of your exposed skin, since this skin will tan a bit faster than that covered by the swimsuit.

Another attribute that makes tan-through bathing suits attractive is that you can wear them out to the beach or pool and avoid those pesky tan lines while staying covered up.

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