Tanning Lotion and Moisturizing

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Is moisturizing important to tanning?

Tanning Lotion and Moisturizing

For some skin types, tanning may dry out your skin. Don't worry. There are specific tanning lotions available to you that will prevent your skin from becoming dry.

There are a several types of tanning lotion available. Some you put on before you tan to prevent your skin from drying out and some you put on after to introduce moisturizers after a tan.

Be careful not to put on any sort of lotion that is not approved for tanning. If you do, you may experience redness or a burning sensation. There are tanning lotions you can usually buy at the tanning salon specifically made for use in a tanning bed. Be sure to ask a professional at the tanning salon about what sort of tanning lotion you can use on dry skin.



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