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How do I use a tanning bed?

Using a Tanning Bed

Here are some tanning bed tips and information about how to use a tanning bed:

  • Call your local salon and find out what kinds of tanning beds are best to meet your needs.
  • Ask about tanning packages to save money.
  • Find out about tanning products to help achieve your look and keep your skin healthy. You can usually purchase these at the salon or from an online tanning supply company.
  • Take a bag with a towel, tanning goggles, tanning products, and a ponytail holder or headband.
  • When you get to the salon and enter the tanning room, be sure you have your tanning goggles. Always wear them when tanning.
  • You can tan nude, wear underwear, or a swimsuit.
  • Apply tanning lotion to your body. Use special lotion made just for your face.
  • Put your hair back in a headband and/or pull your hair into a ponytail.
  • If the tanning bed is horizontal, open the lid and lay down. Your salon may provide a pillow and fan (if there's not one built into the bed). Turn the fan on high.
  • If you are using a stand up tanning bed, you may move around freely and raise your arms for an even tan.
  • Be sure to put on your tanning goggles. Press the start button to begin.
  • Relax and enjoy the rays. The light will turn off when you are finished.
  • Wipe off with your towel and get dressed.
  • Avoid bathing right away to preserve your tan.
  • Always observe safety recommendations provided by your spa and tanning bed manufacturer. Do not exceed recommended tanning time.

What are some more things to know about tanning lamps?

More Tips for Tanning Bulbs

More things to know about tanning bulbs (tanning lamps) from MasterTanning, supplier of Wolff and SunQuest tanning bulbs:

  • If a lamp flickers or goes black, that means it's time for replacement.
  • Replace all tanning lamps at once to keep tanning regulated and even.
  • A UV reader will save you time and money by giving you an exact usage reading on your bulbs.
  • Keep a bed with older bulbs or save your older bulbs for clients with extremely fair, sensitive, or aging skin.
  • Wolff tanning bulbs are recommended by professionals. The history of Wolff tanning bed bulbs and equipment goes back to the invention of the modern tanning bed. Wolff has been a leader in the industry ever since.
  • If you need to know how to change tanning bed bulbs or face tanning lamps, check your manual to be sure you have the correct replacement parts. You must use the same type of bulb or you could cause a serious injury or accident. Never use bulbs from an unknown source.
  • To change a bulb, unplug the tanning bed, pop out the old bulb, and put the ends of the new bulb into place. Be sure it's locked in place and move to the next bulb.
  • Beware of tanning bulbs on sale anywhere but from a dealer or manufacturer. Used bulbs are often resold on the Internet.
  • Your old tanning bed bulbs can be recycled.
    Why should I use the Wolff Super Crystal sunlamp?

    Wolff Super Crystal Sunlamp

    The Wolff Super Crystal sunlamp is the newest, most innovative product in Wolff brand lamps. The 400 watt high pressure sunlamp employs a new quartz glass that allows maximum total UV outlet.

    Lasting 800 hours, the lamp is designed to exceed user expectations with extra attention paid to assure transmission of the UVB component most effectively. Wolff's Super Crystal Lamp is a hot new product sure to be a hit in all compatible tanning beds.

    What are some things to know about outdoor tanning?

    Things to Know About Outdoor Tanning

    If you have questions about outdoor tanning, here are some outdoor tanning tips that may give you the answers:

    • One of the dangers of outdoor tanning is overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light.
    • Levels of UV light fluctuate throughout the day and at different times of the year.
    • One of the benefits of tanning beds vs. outdoor tanning is the ability to control the amount of UV light exposure. Most commercial and home tanning beds for sale come with the option to regulate tanning sessions.
    • Falling asleep in the sun is a huge danger to sun tanners. Tanning salons avoid this problem with automatically timed sessions to keep you safe.
    • Experts offering information on outdoor tanning will tell you that you risk getting burned when tanning outdoors, which can lead to melanoma.
    • Any organization giving reliable tips for outdoor tanning will always recommend using sunscreen and limiting exposure times in the sun.
    • If you are taking prescription drugs, be aware that some can cause you to burn twice as quickly as normal.
    • There is less privacy outdoors than in a tanning bed.
    • You have no control over the weather. Tanning beds are a reliable option when you want timely results for a special event.

    What is Wolff's Rejuvasun 332 Spa tanning bed?

    Rejuvasun 332 Spa Tanning Bed

    The Wolff Rejuvasun 332 Spa tanning bed allows salons to offer tanning and beauty treatments all in one. The bed offers a 20 minute optional tanning session, as well as a 20 minute spa session.

    After tanning under the Rejuvasun's canopy, users have the option of staying under the Rejuvasun panel for special spa treatments. The bed has an advanced cooling system for during and after the tanning session and the bed's bench is slightly curved for an ergonomic design.

    Because the Wolff Rejuvasun 332 Spa tanning bed offers two services in one, if opens a great new channel of revenue for your salon.

    What are some safety concerns associated with home tanning beds?

    Safety Issues with Home Tanning Beds

    If you are looking at home tanning beds for sale, you will need to be aware of some safety issues:

    • Some home tanning beds may require a buck booster to compensate for voltage variations. Check with your dealer to find out if you need one.
    • Lamps should come standard with your unit, but you will need to replace them eventually. Only use the bulbs required by your user's manual. If the tanning bed comes with bulbs that are not recommended, do not buy the unit until the proper bulbs are installed. Using improper wattage can cause a fire.
    • If you are renting, ask your landlord about power requirements.
    • Always purchase and use tanning lotion. Never tan 'dry' - it can damage your skin.
    • Use sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 15 to keep from burning.
    • Always wear tanning goggles - UV rays can damage your vision.
    • Don't tan for the maximum amount of time during your first few sessions. Your tan should develop slowly, over a long period of time. Tan only once a week. Do not rely on the appearance of your skin directly following a session. Tanning results often appear six to 48 hours after tanning.
    • Tanning can provide a healthy dose of light to your body, but too much can lead to burns, which are related to melanoma (skin cancer).

    What are the best lamps for my tanning bed?

    Wolff Velocity Sunlamps

    Wolff Velocity Sunlamps are among the most popular choices for original equipment, lamp replacements for other Wolff lamps, and replacements for lamps from other makers. The 80 & 100W non-reflector sunlamps use advanced phosphor technology so that tanners can get strong color over and over again.

    Velocity sunlamps by Wolff are expected to work for 1,000 hours making them an extremely good value. They also have advanced UVB for shorter sessions.

    Velocity sunlamps are available in standard F59/Bi-Pin, F71/Bi-pin and F73/RDC configurations, and VS-R 160W VHO reflector in FR71/Bi-pin. Before using Wolff Velocity sunlamps with your existing tanning bed of a different make, be sure that they are compatible with your equipment.

    Why buy a Wolff tanning bed?

    Wolff Tanning Beds

    Are you looking at a Wolff SunVision tanning bed for your home or salon? The name Wolff describes the first and best in commercial tanning beds. Wolff tanning beds have been manufactured since 1978, when German scientist Friedrich Wolff brought the tanning bed to America. If there's anything to know about Wolff tanning beds, it's that Wolff tanning equipment and Wolff tanning supplies are produced exclusively by licensed manufacturers who follow the Wolff standards and specifications. Wolff tanning lamps are designed to be long-lasting, with measured amounts of UVB and UVA to give you the healthy, bronzed look you crave. Wolff beds, lamps, and parts are reasonably priced, and replacement bulbs are easy to install. Look for a reputable dealer with a good reputation for customer service, easy financing, and a full range of products for your convenience.

    Why should I use the Wolff Sunquest 16RS tanning bed?

    Wolff Sunquest 16RS Tanning Bed

    The Sunquest 16RS tanning bed by Wolf is one of the best possible tanning beds that you can have in your home. This bed is lightweight and all you need to do is plug it into your regular 120-volt household outlet. It doesn't get any easier than that.

    The aluminum and steel mainframe bed is attractive looking and delivered to you already 95% pre-assembled so it won't be long at all until you can start using your new Wolff Sunquest tanning bed.

    The Sunquest 16RS tanning bed has an exclusive control key lock to ensure the safety of your tanning bed. Your 20 minute tanning sessions are monitored by the bed's digital timer. Why go to a salon when you can tan from the comfort of your own home?

    The Wolff Sunquest 16RS tanning bed is 75.75"L x 35" W x 48" H and is recommended for use in 8'x 6' rooms.

    Why should I tan in Wolff's SunDome tanning booth?

    Wolff SunDome Tanning Booth

    Love tanning in tanning booths but can never seem to get comfortable? Then you should consider the Wolff SunDome Tanning booth. This booth not only gives you the ultimate tan, but it was designed for comfort.

    A lot of people claim that they'd rather tan in booths because they feel as though they get a more all-around tan, but that they hate standing in the middle of an uncomfortable booth and therefore choose beds so they can lie down. The SunDome tanning booth by Wolff was designed so that you can tan in a booth and be comfortable. The booth features an ergonomically designed bench that actually provides support to your back, neck, and shoulders.

    Not only does the SunDome booth have a relaxing booth to sit on, but it also has a special cooling system allowing you to tan to the ultimate perfection without overheating. The booth has a variable speed Vortex body fan that the tanner controls the tanning environment.

    Apart from being comfortable while tanning, the SunDome tanning booth uses the most innovative technology available to tan you as best as possible. The booth contains three advanced SolarMax IFT face tanners that shower you with bronzing UV for a golden facial tan. The booth also has facial cassettes that utilize special filters to increase the amount of UV for added facial tanning power and the high gloss shoulder reflector allows the UV rays to focus more on tanning your shoulders and neck. Lastly, for increased tanning power, the specially designed acrylic sheets in Wolff's SunDome tanning booth allow the maximum amount of UV penetration.

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