Tingle or Hot Action Tanning Lotion Products

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What are tingle or hot action tanning lotion products?

Tingle or Hot Action Tanning Lotion Products

Tingle or hot action tanning lotion products can add a little extra fun and relaxation to your tanning session, and can even help you get the ultimate tan. These products contain ingredients -- usually benzyl or methyl nicotinate -- that cause micro-circulation, which brings blood to the top of the skin, increasing blood flow and oxygenation of the skin cells. This oxygenation helps nutrients reach the skin, which expedites the skin's natural growth and maintenance processes. The more oxygen your skin gets during tanning, the better your results will be.

While many people enjoy using these products, you should always be aware that they may cause m ild to intense tingling of the skin, reddening of the skin and mild to intense heat on the surface of the skin. These sensations can sometimes bother users or cause them to have an unwanted reaction. If this happens, stop using the hot action product immediately.

The reddening and warming effects produced by this lotion are a result of the increased blood flow and the effects are temporary. The duration is dependent on the intensity of the product and the sensitivity of your own skin.



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