How to Display Your Salon's Tanning Lotions

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How should I display my salon's tanning lotions?

How to Display Your Salon's Tanning Lotions

Since selling tanning lotions can bring in a lot of extra revenue to your salon, you should make sure they are displayed so that you can reach the highest possible sales levels. Displays of tanning lotions can also make your salon look more attractive and give it a more professional feel.

Many advertising and marketing experts have opinions on how the lotions should be displayed in your salon. But one thing they all agree on is the fact that your products need to be organized. Disorganization will cause your salon to look messy and customers may not even look at your displays if they are a mess; this could cause a potential loss of money.

In general, you should stack your products at least four deep and put a mirror behind then for extra impact. Place the best selling items at eye level and the slowest sellers right below. It's always a good idea to center your display around a theme, whether it's a special holiday display or bronzers. Also, keep the importance of color in mind and try to make your displays visually appealing, rather than a mish-mash of colors.

Think carefully about where to place your tanning lotion displays. Make sure you put them in a place that receives a lot of foot traffic, such as by the door or next to the reception desk.



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