How to Decide What Type of Tanning Lotion to Use

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How do I decide what kind of tanning lotion to use.

How to Decide What Type of Tanning Lotion to Use

Because there are so many different brands of tanning lotion and so many different types within a brand, it can make your head spin when trying to decide what lotion will be best to use.

The best thing you can do is to ask the employee at a salon you frequent. They generally have a lot of experience with various types of lotions and in listening to your skin's needs and your desires, they can help you choose the lotion that will give you the tan closest to what you want.

Salons also usually sell sample lotion packets for a few dollars each. It definitely can't hurt to purchase a few and try them out before committing to buying a whole bottle of lotion. Because lotion can be expensive, it is never wise to buy an entire bottle without having any idea whether or not you're going to like it. Many different factors can go into whether or not you'll like a lotion, including the scent of the lotion and how greasy it makes your skin feel.

If you are still confused about what lotion is best for you, go online to various tanning lotion websites and tanning forums and read lotion descriptions and user reviews. Also, ask your friends or other customers who frequent your salon what they like to use and why they choose it. It can't hurt to get first-hand advice from people who have actually tried the tanning lotions themselves.



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