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How does Sunless Tanning Work?

Sunless Tanning: DHA

DHA is short for dihydroxyacetone. This tanning agent is inside all those self tanning lotions or spray on tanning products. It is actually a sugar that interacts with your skin cells when applied. It creates a sort of stain on your skin, making it appear darker.

The effects are temporary as your skin cells fall away naturally. You'll loose the color before long, usually in less than a week. If you keep reapplying the sunless tanning lotion, you'll be able to renew your tan. People like this process as they believe it is safer than using UV rays to tan.

What are the benefits of sunless tanning?

The Good News About Sunless Tanning

Do you need some sunless tanning tips? Here is some good news about the benefits of sunless tanning:

  • You never have to worry about the weather with sunless tanning systems.
  • Sunless tanning is great for people with fair skin, aging skin, or problems that cause them to avoid the sun.
  • Damage from the sun can be avoided by safely using a tanning bed, sunless spray tanning, or sunless tanning lotion.
  • Home tanning beds can help you get an amazing look without the hassle of driving to a salon or paying tanning fees.
  • At home sunless tanning can also be achieved with spray tanning machines and sunless tanning lotions.
  • If you have a big event and you haven't had time to get your look from a sunless tanning booth, a spray on tan can give you a bronzed glow in minutes.
  • Some people use sunless tanning booths to avoid and treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, and seasonal affective disorder.
  • Listen to sunless tanning lotion advice from industry experts: purchase only from a reputable supplier of tanning products or from a salon.

How can I keep my sunless tan from fading?

Sunless Tanning: Maintenance

The problem with sunless tanning is it doesn't last long. Your tan will fade as your skin cells falls away, which happens naturally every day. The effects of the sunless tanning will also be shortened by exposure to water or if you are highly active. Water in your skin cells will dilute your tan.

To keep your tan looking great, reuse your sunless tanner regularly. The more you use the sunless tanning lotion, the more saturated your skin will be. Just don't reuse too often or you'll make your skin too dark.

If you use other tanning lotions with sunscreen on top of your sunless tanned skin, be aware that you shouldn't mix certain products and ask a professional at a tanning salon about it. The tanning salon attendant should be able to offer the right sort of products for self tanning, maintenance and lotions.

What unsafe products are out there?

Products that Sound Like Self-Tanning

There are so many tanning products out there that it might be difficult to pick out a sunless tanning lotion or product.

Some products that sound like sunless tanning lotion may include tanning enhancers or tanning pills or bronzers. All of these products do not tan your skin but may enhance a tan you already have. Bronzers color the skin like make up but does not tan the skin.

If a product does not have DHA or dihydroxyacetone, it is not what you are looking for. If you are still not sure, visit a tanning salon and you should be able to find the products you need. Talk with an attendant at the tanning salon about sunless tanning lotions.

How can I prepare my skin for sunless tanning?

Sunless Tanning: Skin Preparation

The night before you are ready to tan, women should shave areas of their body -- legs and underarms -- if they prefer. Men and women should shower and exfoliate the night before. You don't want to shower the day of your tan. Showering before eliminates natural oils in your body that could help your tan.

Some prep tanning lotions are available that you can use before you try sunless tanning. Make sure you talk to a tanning professional first before trying normal lotions or if you are unsure. Mixing certain lotions and then getting a sunless tan may irritate the skin.

How does Sunless Tanning Work?

Sunless Tanning: The Basics

There are several forms of sunless tanning that you can do. Sunless tanning refers to not using UV rays in order to create a tan. One of the most common ways is to use sunless tanning lotions. The sunless tanning lotions come in a variety of forms but it comes with DHA. This creates brown colored menaloids in your skin. You can find the sunless tanning lotions at your local tanning salon.

If you struggle with getting an even tan doing it by yourself, most professional tanning salons offer a sunless tanning both. The booths offer a way to get an even glowing tan using sunless tanning spray along your body. It is a method of standing in the booth, in a certain way and the booth sprays your body for you. You need only to follow the tanning salon attendant's instructions.

Can sunless tanning protect me from sun burn?

Sunless Tanning: Protecting Your Skin

Having a sunless tan does not protect your skin from UV rays. There is minimal protection for your skin simply having a sunless tan. Consider it like having a sunscreen of SPF 2 on your skin. You may also see strange colorations to your skin after being exposed to UV light and having a deep tan from a sunless tanning product.

Always use the proper sunscreen if you want to spend time out in the sun. Use at least an SPF of 15 or more as needed.

Is Sunless Tanning safe?

Sunless Tanning Safety

Sunless tanning is considered one of the safest ways to get a tan without exposure to UV rays. However, there are some rules you should follow to keep the experience a positive one.

One of the most obvious ones is not applying the sunless tanning lotion to eyes or to sensitive areas of your body. Don't' swallow the tanning lotion. If this happens, follow the directions on the bottle or call Poison Control Center.

Also, don't apply a mix of tanning lotions to your body. It may have severe effects on your skin. Ask a professional at a tanning salon about how to properly apply sunless tanning lotion. You may be able to access a sunless tanning booth at a tanning salon to make it easier on you when applying. They are completely safe if you follow the instructions given to you by the tanning salon attendant.

Where can I buy sunless tanning equipment?

Sunless Tanning Equipment

Most tanning salons offer more than just tanning beds. You can also get tanning lotions and professional tips about tanning. In most cases, you should be able to find sunless tanning booths as well.

There are special spray tanning booths available that helps you to get a nice even tan quickly by spraying on DHA over your body. The sunless tanning equipment does the work for you and leaves the guess work out of trying to apply sunless tanning lotion. You should be able to see the results of your new tan soon after a session.

Can I control my color with sunless tanning?

Sunless Tanning: Contol of Your Tan

You can take control of your tan with sunless tanning lotion. Sunless tanning lotion offers you the ability to get a nice tan without repeated visits to a tanning bed. The lotion has a special ingredient to stimulate the top layer of skin to create a darker color. You will be able to get a deep tan and you'll be able to control how tan you would like to be.

Keep in mind that having a sunless tan is not replacing your need to get some sun. You may need vitamin D or other benefits the UV rays from the sun or a tanning bed can give you.

If you would like a deep tan and you don't have the time to visit sunless tanning booths, try sunless tanning lotions. Most tanning salons and spas carry sunless tanning lotions for any sort of skin type.

Have there been any recent improvements in sunless tanning?

Recent Improvements in Sunless Tanning

Most sunless tanning lotions and products are now easier to use. Some come with a light tint to the lotion color so you can clearly see where you have applied the lotion. This prevents streaks or splotches with areas you may have missed.

In addition, some sunless tanning lotions include extra benifits like vitamins and herbs that are healthy for your skin. All of them are easy to afford and you can find great selections at your local tanning salon. Ask the tanning salon attendant about how to pick the best sunless tanning product for your body.

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