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How do I use a tanning bed?

Using a Tanning Bed

Here are some tanning bed tips and information about how to use a tanning bed:

  • Call your local salon and find out what kinds of tanning beds are best to meet your needs.
  • Ask about tanning packages to save money.
  • Find out about tanning products to help achieve your look and keep your skin healthy. You can usually purchase these at the salon or from an online tanning supply company.
  • Take a bag with a towel, tanning goggles, tanning products, and a ponytail holder or headband.
  • When you get to the salon and enter the tanning room, be sure you have your tanning goggles. Always wear them when tanning.
  • You can tan nude, wear underwear, or a swimsuit.
  • Apply tanning lotion to your body. Use special lotion made just for your face.
  • Put your hair back in a headband and/or pull your hair into a ponytail.
  • If the tanning bed is horizontal, open the lid and lay down. Your salon may provide a pillow and fan (if there's not one built into the bed). Turn the fan on high.
  • If you are using a stand up tanning bed, you may move around freely and raise your arms for an even tan.
  • Be sure to put on your tanning goggles. Press the start button to begin.
  • Relax and enjoy the rays. The light will turn off when you are finished.
  • Wipe off with your towel and get dressed.
  • Avoid bathing right away to preserve your tan.
  • Always observe safety recommendations provided by your spa and tanning bed manufacturer. Do not exceed recommended tanning time.

What are some tanning bed facts?

Tanning Bed Facts

Here are some tanning bed facts:

  • Tanning beds use many florescent bulbs to expose the skin to ultraviolet rays, which are similar to sunlight.
  • Tanning beds can help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and provide a healthy glow year-round.
  • You can find tanning beds for sale for your personal use.
  • Finding quality discount tanning beds can help boost your salon business. They are durable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain and clean. Tanning beds for sale from a reputable dealer should come with the option of a warranty.

  • Friedrich Wolff was the first person in the history of tanning beds to reproduce UV light indoors to study how exposure to sunlight affects athletes.

  • The history of the tanning bed is marked by government legislation to ensure safety in the tanning process.
  • The earliest indoor tanning beds were made with harmful high intensity UVB bulbs.
  • Federal law now mandates that tanning bed manufacturers and salons know how to use tanning beds safely and follow skin cancer prevention guidelines.


Tanning Tips

Whether you are tanning on a home tanning bed such as the SunQuest Pro 22RS or a commercial tanning bed such as the SunStar 332, you need to take some precautions to avoid damaging the tanning bed components. This may include the tanning bed bulbs and acrylic.

Your skin should be free of cosmetics, tanning oils, or other body lotions prior to tanning. Only use those specifically made for use with tanning devices.

However, you should not remove natural body oils by bathing or showering immediately before tanning. It is better to wait a few hours before taking a shower. Ask a tanning professional about this.

Your hair should also be free of gels, mousse, sprays, or other hair products. As an alternative, you can wrap your hair in a towel or wear a shower cap to keep treated hair away from tanning bed surfaces.


Sunvision Tanning Beds

Made in the U.S.A., SunVision tanning beds are available with tanning bed retailers around the world. The SunVision Series features genuine Wolff® system tanning lamps, digital timers, and optional SolarMax IFT face tanners.

You can get a beautiful tan in the comfort of your own home. SunVision tanning beds are designed and manufactured by the same team that created our professional units; the SunScape, the StarPower® and the SunDome®. The SunVision Series includes many of the same features found on these industry leading salon tanning beds.

Why would I buy a residential tanning bed?

Benefits of Residential Tanning Beds

Residential tanning beds give you freedom, comfort and privacy because you avoid the more public tanning salon. Ultimately you will save money by making a fixed investment instead of paying per session.

If you purchase a residential tanning bed, you can achieve a healthy tan with name brand tanning beds. You can often get support and services from your retail tanning bed company. A number tanning bed brands include Sunquest tanning beds, Sunvision tanning beds, Wolff tanning beds, and the Del Sol Face tanner.

What is high pressure tanning?

High Pressure Tanning

High-pressure tanning is the latest tanning technology in commercial tanning beds. Rather than using phosphor coated tube lamps, high-pressure tanning beds use small high-energy ultraviolet light quartz lamps mounted behind filtered glass. This allows only a very specific wavelength of Ultraviolet light to pass through to the tanner.

High-pressure beds produce almost 100% UV-A, which is the primary tanning light ray. This light does not pose the same burning potential as the UV-B rays but penetrates deeper into the skin to tan the melanin. High-pressure tanning results in a faster, darker, and longer lasting tan and fewer sessions are needed to maintain the tan.

What is a StarPower 548 tanning bed?

StarPower 548

If you started developing a base tan by indoor tanning on either a home tanning bed such as the SunQuest Pro 22RS or a commercial tanning bed such as the StarPower 548 but there has been a lapse in your tanning schedule, you may need to start at square one.

Pigmentation develops gradually over time with repeated regular exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. It is likely that if you miss one session, it will be okay to continue with your established tanning schedule. However, if you've missed more, you risk overexposing your skin and developing a burn. Consult with the salon attendant or your owner's manual to determine if you should start your tanning schedule from the beginning.

What types of home tanning beds are there?

Types of Home Tanning Beds

Tanning beds take the form of two designs. The first type of tanning bed is the horizontal bed or capsule. This one is more familiar to clients. The second is the stand up vertical chamber. This one is often called a tanning booth. Both rely on the same principle of trying to mimic the effects of the sun. They emit UV rays in order to tan the skin.

The vertical chambers tend to be much stronger than the horizontal lay-down units. They will produce an all-around tan while at the same time eliminating pressure points that would occur on your underside.

What are the benefits of the Sunquest Tanning Bed?

Sunquest Tanning Beds

The Pro 24RS Sunquest Tanning Beds have 24 efficient Wolff® tanning lamps that give you a full body tan equivalent to that which you would get from commercial tanning beds. The home tanning beds lamps are specially angled for maximum efficiency of reflecting rays, for a terrific tan.

There is an optional SolarMax IFT face tanner available to provide extra power to deepen facial color. The tanning beds have 12 lamps in the canopy and in the bench. It features specially glossed aluminum reflectors for maximum tanning power and efficiency.

What are the benefits to commercial tanning beds and tanning salons?

Benefits of Commercial Tanning Beds

If you have no time to tan, commercial tanning beds may be a solution to busy people. Imagine being able to slip in and out of a place in under ten minutes and having a radiant, glowing tan.

A tanning salon with commercial tanning beds may help you to get the tan you want. Professionals on staff will help you with picking out the right amount of time to tan, proper skin conditioning and more.

It can be inexpensive to tan regularly with a tanning salon. You may also avoid mistakes thanks to professionals being available for questions.

What is a sunquest tanning canopy?

Sunquest Tanning Canopies

Tanning canopies offer great convenience and easy storage for those who need to tan, but don't have a lot of room. Sunquest canopy tanning beds feature multiple 100 watt Wolff lamps that provide fast tanning. The curved tanning canopy design delivers full side-to-side tanning results.

Adjustment of the canopy is easy thanks to the gas-shock hinge control on computer-designed patented hydro lift component. It lets you adjust the canopy to the perfect height. A cooling fan provide comfort while tanning. The heavy-duty mainframe with durable long lasting DuraMax 2000 exterior housing means easy maintenance and longevity. Finally, the protective canopy grid allows more UV tanning power to reach the front of the tanner.


Getting the Most From Your Tan

If you prefer the SunScape SS756V tanning booth, or another commercial tanning bed, there are a few simple things to remember to ensure you get the most from your tanning session This includes:

• Stand in the center of the booth and raise your arms -- there should be interior handles for you to hold onto.
• You do not need to turn yourself around while tanning.
• Unlike a tanning bed, it is not recommended that you lean against the walls of a tanning booth.

If you need help, ask an attendant at the tanning salon.

What is a tanning canopy?

Sunquest Tanning Canopies

A tanning canopy is half of a tanning bed that you can position over you as you tan indoors. As an example, all three SunQuest Wolff tanning canopies are fully adjustable for the perfect angle and height.

Each sturdy, steel frame is equipped with a computer-designed patented hydro lift component that allows the user to perfectly position the canopy wherever it works best. Each canopy is completely portable and works with a standard household circuit. Any of the tanning canopies can easily be placed in an upright position for storage flat against a wall or in a closet.

What are some features of a Sunvision Tanning Bed?

Sunvision Tanning Beds

Sunvision is a commerical tanning bed brand. Sunvision tanning beds feature a tunnel design called "Bio-Tech", which surrounds a client for a quick, consistent and full coverage tanning result. A heavy duty aluminum and steel mainframe with a durable DuraMax 2000™ polymer exterior facilitates maintenance and longevity.

You can change tanning bed bulbs easily thanks to a Quick Clip acrylic removal system on the bench and the canopy. All you need to do is snap the clip open and slide your acrylic bulb out. The bed also features 24 efficient, high output lamps which shower the client with healthy UV light for a quick, healthy, full body tan.

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