Selling Sunless Tanners in Tanning Salons

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Should my tanning salon sell sunless tanners?

Selling Sunless Tanners in Tanning Salons

Some people want to obtain a golden tan on their skin but are worried about the effects of UV rays and would rather not use tanning beds all the time. If you own a salon, it is always a good idea to offer a sunless tanner along with the rest of your product line.

Sunless tanners are gaining popularity because of innovations that allow users to obtain a more even tan, without the icky orange color a lot of people remember. Sunless tanners also allow users to get a "quick" tan that they can do from home without having to sit in a bed for any extended amount of time.

Sunless tanners can help add profit to your salon because many people want to use them in addition to tanning in a tanning bed. People will often go into a tanning bed and cover their face with a towel because they are worried about facial damage and wrinkles. Many tanners will tan in the beds and then use sunless tanners to get the same golden glow on their faces. Also, sunless tanners can be used to darken the hard-to-tan places, such as hands and feet, and can also fill in pressure points and even out tan lines.

So, while sunless tanners may seem like a strange product to sell at your tanning bed salon, they may help add profit and assure customers that you are their one-stop shop for all their tanning needs.



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