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Why should I use a Wolff Sunstar Tanning Bed?

Wolff Sunstar Tanning Bed

The Sunstar tanning bed by Wolff is one of the most durable in the industry. Its bio-tech tunnel design fully surrounds users for fast, consistently dark all-over tanning results.

The 30 super-efficient, SPEED system lamps shower users with UV light for a full, dark, and full-body tan. Three SolarMax IFT face tanners are angled to provide full-face coverage. Also, the staggered lamp design places more lamps over the facial area so the tanners get even better facial coverage.

The Sunstar tanning bed by Wolff is extremely comfortable as well, with a wider, curved seven foot tanning surface that offers all-around tanning in a comfortable resting position.

Why buy a Wolff tanning bed?

Wolff Tanning Beds

Are you looking at a Wolff SunVision tanning bed for your home or salon? The name Wolff describes the first and best in commercial tanning beds. Wolff tanning beds have been manufactured since 1978, when German scientist Friedrich Wolff brought the tanning bed to America. If there's anything to know about Wolff tanning beds, it's that Wolff tanning equipment and Wolff tanning supplies are produced exclusively by licensed manufacturers who follow the Wolff standards and specifications. Wolff tanning lamps are designed to be long-lasting, with measured amounts of UVB and UVA to give you the healthy, bronzed look you crave. Wolff beds, lamps, and parts are reasonably priced, and replacement bulbs are easy to install. Look for a reputable dealer with a good reputation for customer service, easy financing, and a full range of products for your convenience.

What is Wolff's Rejuvasun 332 Spa tanning bed?

Rejuvasun 332 Spa Tanning Bed

The Wolff Rejuvasun 332 Spa tanning bed allows salons to offer tanning and beauty treatments all in one. The bed offers a 20 minute optional tanning session, as well as a 20 minute spa session.

After tanning under the Rejuvasun's canopy, users have the option of staying under the Rejuvasun panel for special spa treatments. The bed has an advanced cooling system for during and after the tanning session and the bed's bench is slightly curved for an ergonomic design.

Because the Wolff Rejuvasun 332 Spa tanning bed offers two services in one, if opens a great new channel of revenue for your salon.


Starpower Tanning Beds

Wolff tanning beds are produced only by licensed manufacturers and equipped with Wolff brand lamps. Every element of the Wolff tanning bed system- the bed, lamps, reflector system, and acrylic shield- was intentionally designed to function as a integral part of a system to deliver the highest performance and maximum user benefit. It is extremely important that buyers understand that only tanning bed suppliers who follow these guidelines are allowed to utilize the Wolff tanning bed Systems logo. Also, only salons who offer true Wolff System units can advertise that they have the genuine Wolff tanning beds. A network of licensees and distributors market Wolff brand products. Typically, their licensees are original equipment managers that use the Wolff System as the original lamp for their tanning units. A Wolff tanning bed is the best you can get when it comes to indoor tanning equipment.

What are the best lamps for my tanning bed?

Wolff Velocity Sunlamps

Wolff Velocity Sunlamps are among the most popular choices for original equipment, lamp replacements for other Wolff lamps, and replacements for lamps from other makers. The 80 & 100W non-reflector sunlamps use advanced phosphor technology so that tanners can get strong color over and over again.

Velocity sunlamps by Wolff are expected to work for 1,000 hours making them an extremely good value. They also have advanced UVB for shorter sessions.

Velocity sunlamps are available in standard F59/Bi-Pin, F71/Bi-pin and F73/RDC configurations, and VS-R 160W VHO reflector in FR71/Bi-pin. Before using Wolff Velocity sunlamps with your existing tanning bed of a different make, be sure that they are compatible with your equipment.


Wolff Sunstar Tanning Bed

Wolff home tanning beds are America's favorite home tanning bed. The Wolff brand offers a large variety of tanning beds that will suit your own home needs. Whether you're worried about having enough space to store your home tanning bed, or you aren't sure if your bed will work using your electrical outlet, Wolff home tanning beds will have something for you. They offer a variety of tanners from small beds to booths to canopies to facial tanners. Wolff home tanning beds line consists of the brands Sunvision and Sunquest.

What is the Del Sol Face Tanner?

Del Sol Face Tanner

When asked which area of their body they wish was more tan, most will say their face. Your face is what the world sees first. Interested in tanning your face at home without purchasing an entire tanning bed? The Del Sol Face Tanner by Wolff tanning beds may be the right purchase for you.

The Del Sol Face Tanner is an electronically controlled 800 watt unit that focuses high intensity light on the face in order to achieve a deep, dark tan. The easy to used LED timer will automatically shut the unit off after the exposure time selected by you. Because the unit is compact, you can easily travel with it, unlike a tanning bed you have to leave at home. It also comes with a table stand and protective eyewear.

The Del Sol Face Tanner is 12"x11" Wx9" H and is delivered ready to be used right away.


Solaris Tanning Beds

The Sunvision 28LE tanning bed by Wolff is the most versatile bed because it offers users two ways to tan: with the facial tanners on at a low intensity or with the 100-watt lamps on, showering the facial area with low pressure UV. Sunvision tanning beds by Wolff, allowing for a 20 minute tanning session, offer either 24 or 28 lamps and are an excellent addition to your tanning salon.

Why should I tan in Wolff's SunDome tanning booth?

Wolff SunDome Tanning Booth

Love tanning in tanning booths but can never seem to get comfortable? Then you should consider the Wolff SunDome Tanning booth. This booth not only gives you the ultimate tan, but it was designed for comfort.

A lot of people claim that they'd rather tan in booths because they feel as though they get a more all-around tan, but that they hate standing in the middle of an uncomfortable booth and therefore choose beds so they can lie down. The SunDome tanning booth by Wolff was designed so that you can tan in a booth and be comfortable. The booth features an ergonomically designed bench that actually provides support to your back, neck, and shoulders.

Not only does the SunDome booth have a relaxing booth to sit on, but it also has a special cooling system allowing you to tan to the ultimate perfection without overheating. The booth has a variable speed Vortex body fan that the tanner controls the tanning environment.

Apart from being comfortable while tanning, the SunDome tanning booth uses the most innovative technology available to tan you as best as possible. The booth contains three advanced SolarMax IFT face tanners that shower you with bronzing UV for a golden facial tan. The booth also has facial cassettes that utilize special filters to increase the amount of UV for added facial tanning power and the high gloss shoulder reflector allows the UV rays to focus more on tanning your shoulders and neck. Lastly, for increased tanning power, the specially designed acrylic sheets in Wolff's SunDome tanning booth allow the maximum amount of UV penetration.


Del Sol Face Tanner

Wolff's Sunquest tanning beds offer the best in at-home tanning equipment. The Sunquest 1000S canopy is perfect for people who want to tan at home but don't have a lot of room for big, heavy equipment. This canopy is fully adjustable so you can get the perfect angle and height and the hydrolift operated steel frame allows for easy operation. The Sunquest tanning bed canopy by Wolff is completely portable and operates on a standard household circuit and folds up for easy storage.

Should I research the tanning bed manufacturer?

Research the Manufacturer

When you are shopping for home tanning beds consider the manufacturer's reputation and longevity. Ask yourself the following questions:

• How long has the manufacturer been in business?
• Does the manufacturer offer a warranty?
• Are replacement parts, such as tanning lamps, readily supplied to dealers by the manufacturer?

You may also want to check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no complaints against the manufacturer. In addition, check with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to see if any of the manufacturer's products have been recalled. Any reputable company may have recalls or complaints. Check the numbers, if it seems more than what most others have and if customer complaints weren't handled well, then you should consider other options.

A reputable manufacturer offers and honors warranties, resolves disputes filed with the Better Business Bureau in a reasonable manner, and should have few, if any, product recalls. A good manufacturer will mean the company will continue to be around for additional support, product supplies and you worry less about the products you purchase.

Why should I use the Wolff Sunquest 16RS tanning bed?

Wolff Sunquest 16RS Tanning Bed

The Sunquest 16RS tanning bed by Wolf is one of the best possible tanning beds that you can have in your home. This bed is lightweight and all you need to do is plug it into your regular 120-volt household outlet. It doesn't get any easier than that.

The aluminum and steel mainframe bed is attractive looking and delivered to you already 95% pre-assembled so it won't be long at all until you can start using your new Wolff Sunquest tanning bed.

The Sunquest 16RS tanning bed has an exclusive control key lock to ensure the safety of your tanning bed. Your 20 minute tanning sessions are monitored by the bed's digital timer. Why go to a salon when you can tan from the comfort of your own home?

The Wolff Sunquest 16RS tanning bed is 75.75"L x 35" W x 48" H and is recommended for use in 8'x 6' rooms.

What are some benefits of Wolff Tanning Beds?

Wolff Tanning Beds

For over twenty five years, Wolff residential tanning beds and commercial tanning beds have been a brand name in the tanning industry. The variety of tanning beds tha have been developed since are designed to provide an even tan and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If you were to start a commercial tanning bed salon, most usually have Wolff tanning beds.

Do a search online for Wolff and you'll find many places that sell the brand name of tanning lamps and tanning beds.

What brands of home tanning beds are out there?

Wolff Ovation Tanning Beds

The Wolff brand tanning beds set a standard for commercial tanning beds. They meet all regulations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In most cases, you'll find Wolff brand tanning beds in most commercial tanning salons.

The tanning beds emit UV rays evenly and causes tanning with minimal risk of sunburn when used properly. They are easy to use, safe and reliable. In most cases, with proper use, Wolff tanning beds provide excellent results and can even be considered for your home tanning beds.

What are the benefits of a home tanning bed?

Home Tanning Beds

Home tanning beds are becoming more popular. This is partly due to the hectic pace of life with work and family. Tanning at home is easier than running out the tanning salon. Thanks to new technology, a tanning bed can fit comfortably into your home. Although not quite as many to choose from as when car shopping, there is still a full range of models and levels to choose from each with its own features and benefits.
Home tanning beds are available in a variety of models to meet your unique tanning needs and fit your budget.

For example, the popular SunQuest line of wolff tanning beds includes a full lineup, such as the mid-range SunQuest Pro 22RS and SunQuest Pro 24RS. Each operate on a standard household outlet and provide you the convenience of indoor tanning in the convenience of your own home. Either of these are affordable models. A tanning beds supplier would be able to help you select the right home tanning bed for you.

Who developed the first Tanning Bed?

History of Wolff Tanning Beds

Sometime in the early 1970's a German scientist preformed a new study about indoor UV light. He wanted to study the effects of UV light use on athletes. Friedrich Wolff used artificial light from indoor tanning lamps on athletes. He wanted to know how more exposure to sunlight would affect the performance of the athletes.

Initially, the purpose would have studied the amount of vitamin D athletes absorbed. If his theory were correct, more daily vitamin D from exposure to UV rays would have meant better performance by athletes. What he discovered was the bonus effect of UV light, a healthy glowing tan.

So thanks to Wolff and his scientific discoveries, we are able to enjoy tanning beds and the benefits of getting more vitamin D through the convenience of indoor tanning.

*Today Wolff Tanning Beds represent the elite in indoor commercial and residential tanning!

What are the benefits of a tanning canopy?

Benefits of a Tanning Canopy

Home tanning beds require a lot of room but tanning canopies are easy to fold and store when you don't need it. In most cases you should be able to angle your canopy when you tan to get the same golden tan you want. With proper use, a person with a small home or apartment should be able to accommodate a tanning canopy.

Benefit from having the best tanning product in the convenience of your own home without going to a commercial tanning salon. In the long run, you'll save. Tanning canopies work just as well as tanning beds. They are slightly cheaper. Anyone can afford a tanning canopy.

Tanning canopies run on a standard dedicated 120 volt household circuit. When you're done tanning, you simply fold the tanning canopy up and roll it out of sight on its attached castors until you're ready to tan again. Contact your tanning beds supplier for more details.

What are sunquest tanning beds?

Sunquest Tanning Beds

SunQuest tanning beds are a popular line with home tanning beds that include a handful of models at different levels -- including the SunQuest 16RS, SunQuest 22RS, SunQuest 24RS, and the SunQuest 26RS. SunQuest tanning beds provide deep, rich tans on par with many commercial tanning beds. A tanning beds supplier would have more information about the brand and could share an owner manual for information on the use of tanning beds.

A tanning beds supplier that carries SunQuest dealer will offer special financing to make it easy to afford your own home tanning bed. In some cases financing starts at only $65 a month. Since it is so affordable, anyone can have their own tanning bed at home.

What should I consider when purchasing a home tanning bed?

Tanning Bed Purchase Tips

Home tanning beds are a major investment. If you are shopping for a home tanning bed, you should consider these tips:

Buy only from a reputable tanning beds supplier.

Your tanning beds supplier should have a support number available 24/7 incase of emergencies.

Buy only what you are sure you can afford. Most tanning bed suppliers have financing available.

Ask about discounts and special offers. Sometimes shopping around for the best price will help you to find the perfect price for you.

Consider the warranty. Most tanning beds come with some sort of warranty on the products.

Where will you buy additional supplies? Ask your tanning beds supplier about additional bulbs and products you will need in addition to buying your tanning bed.

Why are wolff tanning beds superior?

Why Wolff Tanning Beds are Superior

If you are considering purchasing a home tanning bed, you may want to consider Wolff. Wolff pioneered the commercial tanning bed industry more than 25 years ago and now offers a full line of home tanning beds.

It was Wolff tanning beds that set the standard in tanning beds. They provide safe to use indoor tanning beds that have so many benifits, not only to get a tan but for light therapy or getting additional vitamin D.

Wolff's SunQuest line includes the entry-level SunQuest Pro 16RS, mid-range SunQuest Pro 22RS, SunQuest Pro 24RS, and the top-of-the-line SunQuest Pro 26RS. Wolff tanning beds are popular with home tanners thanks to their durability, affordability, and easy-to-use features such as the Quick Clip™ acrylic removal system, Wolff SunQuest tanning beds have a proven track record of excellence.

How do I maintain my wolff tanning bed?

Maintaining Your Home Tanning Bed

If you own a home tanning bed such as the SunQuest Pro 22RS, you will need to take steps to ensure that the unit is properly cleaned after each use. Your owner's manual will have specific cleaning guidelines that you should follow.

In general, spray the tanning bed bench and canopy after each use with a non-abrasive disinfectant cleaner that does not contain ammonia or ammonia derivatives and wipe with a soft, clean, dry cloth. It is important to avoid all ammonia-containing products as ammonia may damage the acrylic shield.

You should also periodically remove and wipe clean the tanning lamps according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you discover you need replacement tanning lamps, you should contact your tanning beds supplier. You should replace your tanning lamps every 500 or so hours depending on the model. Tanning lamps may last a long time but the lamps loose their effectiveness after so many hours of use.

What are some basic tanning bed safety tips?

Basic Tanning Bed Safety

Use your home indoor tanning bed safely by reading the manaul. It should offer everything you need to know about the tanning bed.

Like any tanning bed, don't spend any more time under a home tanning bed than you would under a commercial tanning salon. Check your skin type and start a daily regime without risk of sunburn by using your tanning bed as directed.

Always use regulated safety eyewear when using a tanning bed. Your eyes need protection from UV rays as they are more sensitive to it than the rest of your body. The eyewear should be available by your tanning beds supplier.

In addition, use only products like sunscreen or tanning lotions if they are approved for indoor tanning use. Do not let children play on the tanning bed or use the tanning bed. Do not use the tanning bed if you have spent more than an hour outside in the sun during the last 24 hours.

Is a home tanning bed a large financial commitment?

Tanning Bed Costs

Buying a home tanning bed is a major financial commitment. Before you get your heart set on a particular bed, make sure you understand the space and electrical requirements for that particular bed. For example, The SunQuest Pro 22RS, a popular mid-range home tanning bed, requires a room at least 8' x 6' and a 120 volt dedicated circuit. Electric costs would be a consideration. You should also change the bulbs after every 500 hours or so depending on the model. Newer bulbs insure you will get an even tan every time.

A home tanning bed should range from just under $800 to more commercial brands that can go up to over $10,000 each. In most cases you should be able to finance your tanning bed with a tanning beds supplier. Ask your tanning beds supplier about current specials and money saving offers as well. You might get additional discounts by simply asking.

Where can I buy a Wolff Tanning bed?

Tanning Beds Supplier Delete

A tanning beds supplier carries essential components to create your own tanning bed area at home or a commercial tanning bed salon. A tanning beds supplier would know about tanning beds and which ones to purchase and maintenance of your current tanning beds too. For example, if you're interested in the SunVision Tanning Beds, make sure you speak with customer service at a commercial tanning salon for their opinion, and then speak with the supplier when you have buying questions.

Commonly seen with a tanning beds supplier are products like tanning beds, tanning lamps, replacement bulbs and more. Some carry signs needed for commercial tanning beds. Others have additional reading material -- manuals for each tanning bed and even how to start your own tanning salon. If you ever lost a tanning bed manual, you would be able to contact a tanning beds supplier for additional copies.

What kind of lamps do Wolff Tanning beds use?

Wolff Tanning Lamps

The Wolff tanning lamps emit UV rays like the sun. Unlike the sun, however, Wolff tanning lamps emit only UVA and UVB rays in different ways to help develop a glowing tan without too much risk for sunburn. With the proper use of tanning lamps, anyone can get an even, glowing tan and feel better thanks to the additional vitamin D.

You will find most commercial tanning salons use Wolff brand tanning beds and lamps for their customers. Home tanning beds can be found with a tanning beds supplier. A tanning beds supplier will also have additional Wolff tanning beds to add to your commercial tanning salon.

What is a tanning canopy?

Tanning Canopies

If you are a home tanning enthusiast but you don't have the space for a full-size tanning bed, you may want to consider a tanning canopy. For example, SunQuest tanning canopies are compact, foldable, and roll out of sight on attached castors when you are done tanning. You will be able to tan at home even if you do not have space for a tanning bed.

A good tanning canopy should provide full side-to-side tanning in as little as 15 square feet. Like any sort of tanning bed, tanning canopies should be used carefully and the manual should be followed. Check with a tanning beds supplier for comparing costs. The tanning canopy is in some cases easier to afford than a full tanning bed.

Why should I use Wolff's Starpower tanning beds?

Starpower Tanning Beds

The feature that sets Wolff's Starpower tanning beds apart from other beds is its option for a 12-minute tanning session. For salon owners, this bed will not only make your busy customers happy, but it will also boost your profits.

Another great feature of the Starpower tanning bed is its dual-height canopy that opens 30% higher to simplify maintenance. It also has a convenient slide-out utility drawer that provides ready access to the machine's internal components.

Special shoulder tanners will give users an even, natural looking tan and the large tunnel design with 48 body lamps will give users the darkest tan possible.

Why should I use the Wolff Super Crystal sunlamp?

Wolff Super Crystal Sunlamp

The Wolff Super Crystal sunlamp is the newest, most innovative product in Wolff brand lamps. The 400 watt high pressure sunlamp employs a new quartz glass that allows maximum total UV outlet.

Lasting 800 hours, the lamp is designed to exceed user expectations with extra attention paid to assure transmission of the UVB component most effectively. Wolff's Super Crystal Lamp is a hot new product sure to be a hit in all compatible tanning beds.

What are the benefits of Solaris tanning beds?

Solaris Tanning Beds

Solaris tanning beds by Wolff Tanning beds are some of the best in the industry according to salon owners and tanners as well. In just 12 or 15 minutes, depending on the model you choose, tanners are able to achieve the deep, dark tan they desire. To get the ultimate face tan, the Solaris's facial tanning system features Xtreme Reflection Technology.

Not only are the beds constructed entirely from metal, but they also have slide out utility drawers, high-tech digital timers, and an hour meter located right in the bench.

The Solaris tanning beds also have variable speed body cooling systems, superflow internal cooling systems, and advanced after cooling systems.

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