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How can I attract more customers to my salon?

Offering Your Customers Pricing Deals

In order to create more business in your salon and attract more customers, you may want to offer special pricing deals.

There are many different options you can take with your pricing plans. You can charge my session or by minute and you can offer various packages. It is also important to consider issues such as whether or not you want your special packages to have an expiration date. You may want to research other salons in your area to see what they are offering so that you can be a strong competitor with them.

One word of advice is to make sure you are not pricing your tanning packages too low. While this may entice customers, it could also make it difficult to afford the maintenance of your tanning beds.

What do I need to start my tanning business?

What You Need to Start Your Tanning Business

The benefits of tanning salon ownership is twofold: You make money AND you get all the industry know-how to look great in every season. If you are starting a tanning salon business, here is a checklist of tanning equipment and supplies you will need to be a successful entrepreneur:

  • At least one commercial tanning bed, possibly more, depending on your business plan. Successful tanning businesses usually offer a variety of tanning booths (stand up and lie down styles).
  • A computer to keep track of your tanning bed timers.
  • Spray or mist tanning equipment and supplies.
  • Tanning lotions (tanning accelerators, tanning oils, sunscreen products, self-tanning products, etc.).
  • Moisturizing products.
  • A supply of protective goggles.
  • Swimsuits, sunglasses, visors.
  • Replacement bulbs and parts for your tanning beds.
  • Safety signs.
  • Seating and reading materials for your waiting room.
  • Bottled water.
A good wholesale supplier will help you get your business started, from helping you with a business plan to selecting tanning booths that meet your needs. Look for financing, advice, and options at www.mastertanning.com.

As a tanning salon owner, what repsonsibility do I have to my customers?

Tanning Salon Owners Responsibility To Customers

As the owner of a tanning salon, it is your responsibility to monitor the length of time for which your customers are in the tanning beds. If your salon is in a regulated state, you will probably need to take special classes in order to get certification to run your salon. Even if you are not required to take a class, it might be a good idea for you so that you can best protect your customers.

You need to set up rules and regulations for your salon and make sure every customer follows them. You must have a limit on how long customers are allowed in the tanning beds. Some states have regulations stating that customers cannot tan more than once in any 48 hour time period. Even without the state regulation, this is a good rule to enforce upon your customers.

While you should have tanning bed timers set up to automatically turn the tanning bed off, you should always keep your eye on what customers are in which beds in case the timer happens to malfunction. Remember, your customers are your responsibility. Also, you should always follow through with the rules for your salon; enforce them with every customer.


Buying a Tanning Salon Franchise

When opening your own tanning salon, you will be interested in purchasing commercial tanning beds for your salon. There are many different brands of commercial tanning beds you can purchase and you will need to conduct adequate research to determine what brand is right for you and from where you should purchase the commercial tanning beds. It is a good idea to purchase different types of commercial tanning beds to give your customers options. Allow them to choose from commercial tanning beds or booths and give them different options for timed sessions. Also, consider purchasing some high pressure commercial tanning beds and some low pressure commercial tanning beds.

How can I attract more customers to my salon?

Make Sure Your Salon is Always Clean

When you own a tanning salon, it is extremely important that you keep everything in the salon clean. Not only is this important for safety reasons, but a clean salon will also help attract more customers. Apart from cleaning the beds and following all regulations, make sure the waiting room, front desk, bathroom, and more are clean and attractive to the eye.

One of the best things you can do to attract more customers is to try to look at your salon through the eyes of a customer. People will not enter your salon if it shows any signs of being dirty, especially considering how many choices for tanning salons exist these days.

It might also be helpful for you to visit the salons you are in competition with to see how their salons look. Look for how clean each aspect of their shop is and then return to yours to see how your salon compares.


Tanning Salon Owners Responsibility To Customers

Before you first open your new salon, it's a good idea to conduct a survey to see what your potential customers prefer in indoor tanning beds. If other salons in your area don't have the indoor tanning beds the people are looking for, they may come to your new salon to see what indoor tanning beds you have to offer. Since there is such a wide variety of indoor tanning beds and tanners are becoming more educated and opinionated on what they like, you need to try to make potential customers happy. Ask people what they look for in indoor tanning beds and what they would like to see in your salon.

Should I start an airbrush tanning salon?

Owning an Airbrush Tanning Salon

If you are interested in opening your own tanning salon but are worried about the safety risks and the strict regulations regarding tanning businesses, you might want to consider opening an airbrush tanning salon. Also, if you already have a tanning salon with tanning beds and booths, you may think about adding a booth for airbrush tanning as some customers may prefer this to tanning under UV light.

Though it will take some education and training to get an airbrush tanning business started, it will be worth the cost when you get it up and running. A misting booth or airbrush compressor and a gallon of the solution needed for self-tanning will cost only a fraction of what a tanning bed costs. These booths are also easy to transport if needed.

What should I know about starting a tanning salon business?

Starting a Tanning Salon Business

Are you interested in opening a tanning salon? Here are a few tanning salon tips before you jump in:

  • If you've never owned a business, start by consulting with the Chamber of Commerce for ideas and contacts.
  • Consider joining a Small Business Administration charter or local business network to get more information about starting a small business.
  • Check local and federal regulations governing tanning salons.
  • Contact a reputable dealer of commercial tanning beds, tanning salon equipment, and tanning supplies. Find out about special pricing for salons and financing to start your business.

When and why did tanning salons come about?

History of Tanning Salons

Tanning wasn't popular until the 1920s when Coco Chanel came back from vacation after staying out in the sun and F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel Tender as the Night portrayed characters lying on the beach sunning themselves. But soon having a tan was in high demand with people trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors during the summer months.

But people began to get frustrated that they could only tan in the summer on nice days, and in the 1980s, tanning salons began to emerge. People loved the fact that they could visit a salon and get tan no matter what the weather outside.

In the 1990s tanning salons became even more powerful and more innovative equipment was created. Better beds and booths have shortened tanning session times and spray tanning booths were invented for those people wishing to avoid UV rays altogether.

Despite some bad press, it doesn't appear that the popularity of tanning beds is slowing down, and now is the best time ever to own a tanning salon.

Will tanning salon software help my salon?

Tanning Salon Software

Tanning salon software can greatly benefit your salon. You will attract more business if you have software with a program that is user friendly and has good database management with detailed reporting. Today's tanning salon software does so many tasks that can save you time and manage your salon in an extremely effective manner.

Tanning salon software will usually allow you to view and access your salon's rooms displaying status, monitor tanning equipment to let you know when maintenance is required, organize customer waiting list, automate appointment book, automatically track and apply fees, track tanning trends, sales, referrals, and bed usage, work out discounts, manage employee work schedule, and much more.

There are many different brands of tanning salon software so you will want to make sure that you do research to determine which will be best for your salon. Also, make sure you have the proper computer with which to operate the software. Before using the programs, thoroughly read the user's manual and train all of your employees to properly use the software.

How can I find out what my state's tanning salon regulations are?

Understanding Regulations and Rules for Tanning Salons

Some states have state tanning regulations that must be followed by all operating salons. If you are thinking about opening your own salon, you should check to see what regulations your state has. TanningTraining.com gives each state's regulations, keeps users up to date on the latest tanning news, offers special courses and certification, gives advice, and much more.

Even if your state does not have any special regulations regarding tanning salons, it would be a good idea for you to check out other states rules and attempt to follow them as they are only looking out for the safety of both the customer and the salon owner.

Do I need to provide eye protection to customers at my tanning salon?

Providing Eye Protection To Your Customers

If you are running your own tanning salon, it is extremely important that you provide eye protection to your customers. While many of your customers will bring their own personal eye protection, or purchase a pair of goggles from your shop, some will not have any or be constantly forgetting their own.

In addition to providing eyewear, you must also make sure to keep the eye protection disinfected. This prevents spreading infection between users and also allows your customers to feel as if they have a brand new pair of goggles.

Providing eyewear for sale at your salon is a good way to bring in some extra revenue as there is no doubt many customers will want to purchase some.

What are the benefits of purchasing a tanning salon franchise?

Buying a Tanning Salon Franchise

Another option for entering the tanning salon business is to purchase a franchise. A tanning salon franchise will help you open your business with more guidance and less risk. Most tanning salon franchises will help you choose a business for your salon, which will be extremely important when it comes to attracting customers.

You should research the tanning salon franchises you know of and visit some of the locations to see if you like what the salons have to offer. Speak directly with the salons' owners to find out what they like about their job and what they find difficult about it. Also, ask them about the financial benefits as this is obviously an important part of your decision of whether or not to purchase a franchise.

Next, request information from the particular franchise you're interested in and find out what the start-up costs and initial investments are. Most franchises also offer training so that you will have guidance in understanding the business and will not be left to run to salon completely on your own.

Are there trade associations that help tanning salon owners?

Tanning Industry Professional Associations

In the United States, the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA) represents members from the home and commercial tanning bed manufacturing industry, distributors, and members from related industries. The purpose of the ITA is to promote the free right to the use of tanning beds. It also provides educational information about proper skin care and the effects of tanning on the body.

You can learn more about the group's mission and member benefits from visiting the Web site (www.theita.com) or calling toll-free 1-888-377-0477.

You can reach the European counterpart to the ITA by contacting the European Sunlight Association at +32 - 2 500 89 61 or visiting the nonprofit group's Web site (www.europeansunlight.org).

You can learn more about the group's mission and member benefits by visiting its Web site or calling toll-free 1-888-377-0477.

You can reach the European counterpart to the ITA by contacting the European Sunlight Association at +32 - 2 500 89 61 or visiting the nonprofit group's Web site.

Where can I get a loan to start an indoor tanning business?

Financing Options

If you dream of setting up your own indoor tanning salon but you need funding, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) shows you to financing information. The SBA offers details about grants, angel investors and business loans. The information also comes with tips, advice and worksheets you can fill out to figure out what you need for your start up indoor tanning salon. It help new entrepreneurs to learn how much funding you need. It leads you to places where you can apply for loans.

The SBA oversees a nationwide group of Small Business Development Centers. You may find a local chapter in your area where you may find financial planning guidance. You can find information on your local SBDC on the SBA Web site (www.sbaonline.sba.gov).

Where can I learn more about tanning franchises?

Tanning Salon Franchises

The tanning industry is a booming business, but starting any business takes planning and a certain degree of business savvy. If you are high on drive but low on experience, a tanning salon franchise may be a good alternative to flying solo.

Which tanning salon franchise is best? You can get information packets for any franchise you look at so you can compare start up costs and the quality of the brand you are putting your money behind.

There are also reviews you can find online by people who run tanning bed franchises. You can research the brand too if you want. You can see how people feel about how the operation has been run. You can often find support, marketing and more information by researching specific opportunities as well.

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