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Why do I need a commercial tanning booth in my salon?

Commercial Tanning Booths

A great alternative to commercial tanning beds are tanning booths. Because they stand vertically, tanning booths take up less floor space. Tanning booths are also easier top clean, since the tanner never has to touch the sides of the booth.

Today's tanning booths are larger than before, which means that more people, especially those who don't enjoy tight spaces, will be comfortable in the booth. The increase in size also allows more lamps to be installed, which in turn decreases the time required for each session.

Some manufacturers also now produce tanning beds that can be used either horizontally or as tanning booths. These new designs offer spacious comfort and with higher concentrations of powerful lamps, they have the benefit of having clear panels so you can see outside and don't feel stuck inside the booth.

It's always a good idea to have a mix of commercial tanning beds and booths in your salon to maximize customer satisfaction.


Low Pressure Tanning Beds

Tanning canopies are half of a tanning bed that you can easily position over you to tan indoors. Because they work on hydraulics, the tanning canopies are usually easily adjustable and can be moved up and down with no trouble.

How can I maximize the life on my commercial tanning bed lamps?

Maximizing Lamp Life on a Commercial Tanning Bed

Though lamps for commercial tanning beds all have their own lamp life rating, there are things you can do to get the most from the life of your commercial tanning beds' lamps.

You should always start with a high quality lamp and clean it according to the manufacturer's specifications. Clean reflective surfaces behind the lamps periodically and/or when you re-lamp and be sure to replace worn starters before they cause re-strikes or fail entirely; this is important because worn starters can destroy a good lamp very quickly. Always maintain proper room temperatures wherever you commercial tanning beds are kept and make sure that incoming voltage meets the manufacturer's requirements.

Always make sure that you replace weak lamps in your commercial tanning beds before your customers begin to complain.


High Pressure Tanning Beds

Sunquest tanning beds by Wolff Systems offer the best in home tanning, but with commercial tanning bed quality. The bed comes in various models and offers an optional SolarMax face tanner. If you're looking for an affordable residential tanning bed that will tan you as well as a salon bed, consider purchasing a Sunquest tanning bed.

What should I know about low pressure tanning beds?

Low Pressure Tanning Beds

Low pressure tanning beds get their name from the pressure contained within the glass tube. This pressure amounts to somewhat less than one atmosphere, actually making it somewhat of a vacuum.Low pressure beds are generally less expensive than high pressure beds.

Low pressure tanning beds allow more UVB light to filter through which means users may burn more easily, often making low pressure beds less desirable than high pressure beds. Also, it may take 10 to 15 sessions before users can establish a good base tan and tanners may have to tan more frequently in order to keep up their tan.


Commercial Tanning Booths

Wolff brand tanning beds offers many different types of commercial Sunvision tanning beds that you can easily find a place for in your salon. Sunvision tanning beds are high pressure beds that offer 20 minute sessions with the option of facials. While Sunvision tanning beds are simple, they are an excellent sleek line of commercial beds to bring to your salon.

Why should I use a high pressure tanning bed?

High Pressure Tanning Beds

High pressure tanning beds are commonly seen as added facials at the head end of the canopies. The pressure within the bed's tube is more than one atmosphere, and the heavier quartz tube is needed to withstand the thermal energy while containing the pressurized environment.

Most salons have high pressure tanning beds to satisfy the tanning needs of their immediate to advanced customers. Users also like high pressure tanning beds because they filter out most of the UVB light only allowing enough to shine through to stimulate the melanocytes. This means that more UVA light reaches the melanin, which provides a great tan with less risk of skin problems.

It should only take about 3 to 5 sessions to establish a base tan using a high pressure tanning bed and the tan will last longer and require less maintenance.


Commercial Tanning Bed Wattage

One of the newest, most innovative commercial tanning beds is the Velocity HP1000 by Wolff. With its futuristic design, this commercial tanning bed is for tanners who are looking for more than an average tanning session. Its open bed allows tanners to get a deep, all-over tan without feeling closed in. The Velocity commercial tanning bed will help your salon take a lead in the future of tanning.

How should I pay for my commercial tanning beds?

Lease Financing Your Commercial Tanning Beds

If you are just opening up your salon, you always have the option of lease financing your commercial tanning beds rather than buying it right away.

Some of the advantages to lease financing your commercial tanning beds include the fact that you can utilize tax advantages, have payment flexibility, and eliminate down payments. It may be difficult for you to pay for your commercial tanning beds when first starting your salon and that's why lease financing may be the best option for you.

Whatever you decide to do to pay for your commercial tanning beds, you should always heavily research and consider all of your options.

What is SunVision?

Product Profile: SunVision Tanning Beds

SunVision Tanning Beds are one of the premier names in commercial tanning beds for sale. Powered by Wolff system lamps, SunVision tanning beds are designed for durability and results. The Wolff name has been part of the tanning industry since 1978, when Friedrich Wolff brought tanning beds to America.With a 7-foot long curved bed to ensure overall tanning, a staggered lamp design, and built-in cooling system, these beds provide the highest quality commercial tanning experience in the shortest amount of time. The built-in digital timer prevents overexposure and keeps sessions regulated. Look for these models and features:

  • SunVision Elite - 32 100W lamps, 3 optional high-pressure facials, 20-minute session, optional foot fan, internal cooling fans, advanced after-tan cooling system, and easy lamp accessibility.
  • SunVision Elite 30 - 30 100W lamps, 3 optional high-pressure facials, 20-minute session, optional foot fan, internal cooling fans, advanced after-tan cooling system, and a 24-month Silver Medal warranty.
  • SunVision Pro 28 - 28 100W lamps, optional facials, 20-minute sessions, internal cooling fans, advanced after-tan cooling, versatility with 2-way facial tanning (facial tanners on or off with 100-watt low pressure UV), and wireless ready.
  • SunVision Pro 24 - 24 100W lamps, optional facials, 20-minute sessions, internal cooling fans, and advanced after-tan cooling.
Look for the best models and features for your business. MasterTanning at offers a free tanning product package with the purchase of SunVision tanning beds.

How do I choose what commercial tanning beds to buy for my salon?

Choosing Your Commercial Tanning Beds

Choosing what commercial tanning beds you will have in your salon is a very important decision. It will probably be best for you to invest in the newest, best technology tanning beds for your salon. Modern equipment will not only make your salon look nicer but it will attract customers who are looking for the latest and greatest in tanning technology. The newest commercial tanning beds offer shorter tanning sessions with better results.

Seriously consider having a mix of commercial tanning beds and commercial tanning booths in your salon as each of your customers will have their own preference. Also, you may want to offer a mix of low pressure tanning beds with high pressure tanning beds to suit your customer's ever need.

What should I look for when purchasing commercial tanning beds?

Buying a Commercial Tanning Bed

If you are considering the purchase of a commercial tanning bed for your business, look for a quality tanning bed vendor with a good reputation for customer care. It's important to have a wide range of options and pricing to suit your needs. How much are commercial tanning beds? Prices vary depending on type and model. Consider lease-to-own commercial tanning beds, a used model, or special financing if you are on a budget. Whatever you choose, a warranty that covers the tanning bed, parts, lamps, and labor is a must. There are also many considerations when it comes to choosing a model, such as:

  • Cost and financing options
  • Booth type: stand-up, lie-down bulb or DHA mist
  • High or low pressure
  • Voltage and wiring requirements
  • Exposure times
  • Lamp accessibility
  • Options like shoulder tanning, facials, cooling fans
Before you purchase commercial tanning beds, look to the needs of your business and clientele to make the best choice for the most profitable and satisfying returns.

What should I do to choose a tanning bed manufacturer?

Establishing a Relationship With Your Commercial Tanning Bed Manufacturer

If you're opening up a tanning salon, you'll need to choose a manufacturer that you can buy your commercial beds from. You should make sure whatever manufacturer you choose is one with which you will have a good relationship with as you may need to work with them a lot in the future.

Make sure you go over many important business aspects with the manufacturer such as what kinds of warranties you will get on your commercial beds, and what exactly will happen if you need serious maintenance performed on one of the beds.

How does the wattage of commercial tanning beds work?

Commercial Tanning Bed Wattage

It is important to know and understand the wattage of commercial tanning beds to ensure that they are working to the best of their abilities and users are getting the ultimate tan from them.

When a bulb manufacturer advertises the UVB percentage, they are telling you the wattage the bulb emits in the UVB spectrum as a percentage of the total output of the bulb. It actually has little to do with the bulbs total output. Keep in mind that just because a bulb has a high UVB percentage, that doesn't necessarily mean it has more tanning wattage than a lower UVB percentage bulb.

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