Tanning Body Stickers

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What's a fun accessory I can use while in a tanning bed?

Tanning Body Stickers

Fun and handy accessories to use while in a tanning bed are tanning body stickers. These stickers serve two purposes for tanners. Not only can the customer see how well the bed is working to darken their skin, they can also have a little fun.

The stickers come in many different shapes and designs and can be placed anywhere on the body. These stickers act as a sun block and prevent UV light from reaching the skin. Therefore, when you're done with your session in the tanning bed, you can remove the sticker and see how tan your skin got by examining how clear the sticker's image shows up.

Also, many people use the stickers as a way to decorate their skin. They're cheaper and less permanent than tattoos and there is a wide variety of designs to choose from such as hearts, bunnies and short phrases. The stickers are pretty cheap to purchase and some tanning salons even give them away free to customers.



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