Lotion Applicators to Get Those Hard to Reach Spots

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How can I apply my lotion evenly?

Lotion Applicators to Get Those Hard to Reach Spots

Lotion applicators are always a handy accessory to have stocked in a salon because there is nobody who can't benefit from using one before lying down in the tanning bed. These applicators are usually long paddle-like sticks and inexpensive.

The purpose of a lotion applicator is to assist tanners in applying tanning lotion to those hard to reach areas on the body. If you're in a salon by yourself and have no one to help rub your tanning lotion in, the applicator will greatly assist you. Simply place lotion on the end of the applicator, and use it to apply and rub in lotion to your back and other hard to reach spots.

Lotion applicators help to apply your lotion in order to ensure that your tan is even and streak-free.



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