Salon Tanning Bed Signs

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Salon Tanning Bed Signs

It is important for tanning salons to have ample signage to inform customers the status of each of the salon's beds. Not only will they help customers, but they will also help the owners to keep track of which beds are occupied and which beds need to be sanitized.

Signs placed outside each tanning bed stating "this bed has been sanitized," after it's been cleaned will make customers more comfortable.

Other signs that may be helpful for salons are signs informing customers how to use the beds and of the dangers of beds. It is also important to have a sign in each booth letting customers know they must wear protective eyewear.

For an attractive salon on the outside and inside, owners should be sure to purchase signage to entice customers to enter their salon. Neon signs are a hot look for salons because the bright neon lights make potential customers think of tropical and sunny locations. Many times the signs will also have a bright sun on it.

If you own a salon that is also a hair and nail salon, it is important that you put a big sign in the window that tells people you are also a tanning salon. If you are solely a tanning salon, you should have a sign the lights up when you are open.

Another great window sign idea is to inform customers that your salon has brand new bulbs in its tanning beds.



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