Tanning Pills: An Accessory You Should Stay Away From

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Do tanning pills help to accentuate tans?

Tanning Pills: An Accessory You Should Stay Away From

Tanning pills are a tanning accessory you should beware of. Most of these pills are commercially banned in the United States and the Skin Cancer Foundation strongly cautions tanners from using them.

Tanning pills got a good name because they help users tan faster and darker than they would without the pills. However, it is always a bad idea to take any type of pill that claims to accentuate the effects of tanning.

The pills contain a carotenoid called canthaxanthin and have been associated with hepatitis and urticaria, which is a condition that causes excessive itching and skin eruptions. Because the pills technically interact with the sun to create a tan, they actually accentuate the damage done to the skin. Whatever you do, make tanning pills a tanning accessory you stay away from.



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