Tanning Bed Cleaners and Sanitizers

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How should a tanning bed be cleaned?

Tanning Bed Cleaners and Sanitizers

Cleaners and sanitizers are an extremely important accessory for every salon to have. There are no laws stating that salon owners have to sanitize their beds, but any good salon will not only clean their beds but also offer customers products to re-sanitize the beds to their liking. If you are a tanning salon customer and have any doubts about the cleanliness of a tanning salon, stop going there.

After a customer uses a tanning bed, the employees of the salon should spray with a sanitizer and wipe down the top and bottom sheets of acrylics, as well as the head pillow and foot of the bed. Also, any area with potential customer contact should be wiped down. This should also be done at the beginning and end of each day.

The disinfectant used to clean the beds should be hospital-strength germicidal, but it shouldn't contain any ammonia or ammonia-related ingredients because these can damage the finish of the beds.

There are various type of cleaners, some of which leave the tanning beds with a nice scent. Some merely disinfect without a scent, and some leave the bed with a polished shine.



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