Tanning Bed Supplies and Accessories

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What are some accessories for my tanning bed?

Tanning Bed Supplies and Accessories

Whether you run a salon or have an in-home tanning bed, you'll need to find tanning bed accessories from a tanning supply source you can depend upon. Look for reputable tanning accessories distributors who offer customer service, financing for your business, and advice. Tanning bed supplies and tanning accessories include:

  • Tanning bed stickers - They come by the roll and are used to show off a tan by placing them somewhere on the body. The sticker creates an untanned spot or "tan tattoo."
  • Tanning eye wear - A must if you own a salon or have your own tanning bed. Tanning goggles protect the eyes from UV damage and come in a variety of colors and shapes.
  • Tanning bonnets - Protect the hair and scalp from UV damage, especially for those with color-treated hair.
  • Protective lip balm with an SPF-15 - Protect lips from burning. For accidental burns, there is also a healing lip balm on the market.
  • Manicure savers - Protect nails from UV damage. They are reusable, and can be slipped over finger and toe nails.
  • Ear phones - A great accessory for tanning beds if you don't have speakers built-in to your tanning room.
  • Acrylic polish - Easy to use (just wipe) and it will keep your tanning bed looking new.



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