Nail Savers to Prevent Yellowing

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How can I prevent my nails from yellowing in a tanning bed?

Nail Savers to Prevent Yellowing

UV light from tanning beds often causes people's fingernails to turn yellow, especially when tanners have acrylics or other fake nails. After an expensive manicure or before a hot date, nobody wants yellow fingernails. People sometimes go through the trouble of putting band-aids on their hands to cover all of their nails, but now there is a special tanning bed accessory that can easily prevent the yellowing of fingernails whenever you go tanning.

Nail Savers are little plastic covers for your nails that prevent UV light from discoloring your nails. Nail Savers are sold ten in a pack and can be used over and over.

You can also purchase a special nail polish topcoat that contains a special UV protecting agent. If you get your nails done in a salon, tell your manicurist you use tanning beds and ask her to apply a topcoat to your manicure.



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