Basic Tanning Bed Safety

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What are some basic tanning bed safety tips?

Basic Tanning Bed Safety

Use your home indoor tanning bed safely by reading the manaul. It should offer everything you need to know about the tanning bed.

Like any tanning bed, don't spend any more time under a home tanning bed than you would under a commercial tanning salon. Check your skin type and start a daily regime without risk of sunburn by using your tanning bed as directed.

Always use regulated safety eyewear when using a tanning bed. Your eyes need protection from UV rays as they are more sensitive to it than the rest of your body. The eyewear should be available by your tanning beds supplier.

In addition, use only products like sunscreen or tanning lotions if they are approved for indoor tanning use. Do not let children play on the tanning bed or use the tanning bed. Do not use the tanning bed if you have spent more than an hour outside in the sun during the last 24 hours.



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