Tanning Bed Costs

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Is a home tanning bed a large financial commitment?

Tanning Bed Costs

Buying a home tanning bed is a major financial commitment. Before you get your heart set on a particular bed, make sure you understand the space and electrical requirements for that particular bed. For example, The SunQuest Pro 22RS, a popular mid-range home tanning bed, requires a room at least 8' x 6' and a 120 volt dedicated circuit. Electric costs would be a consideration. You should also change the bulbs after every 500 hours or so depending on the model. Newer bulbs insure you will get an even tan every time.

A home tanning bed should range from just under $800 to more commercial brands that can go up to over $10,000 each. In most cases you should be able to finance your tanning bed with a tanning beds supplier. Ask your tanning beds supplier about current specials and money saving offers as well. You might get additional discounts by simply asking.



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