Maintaining Your Home Tanning Bed

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How do I maintain my wolff tanning bed?

Maintaining Your Home Tanning Bed

If you own a home tanning bed such as the SunQuest Pro 22RS, you will need to take steps to ensure that the unit is properly cleaned after each use. Your owner's manual will have specific cleaning guidelines that you should follow.

In general, spray the tanning bed bench and canopy after each use with a non-abrasive disinfectant cleaner that does not contain ammonia or ammonia derivatives and wipe with a soft, clean, dry cloth. It is important to avoid all ammonia-containing products as ammonia may damage the acrylic shield.

You should also periodically remove and wipe clean the tanning lamps according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you discover you need replacement tanning lamps, you should contact your tanning beds supplier. You should replace your tanning lamps every 500 or so hours depending on the model. Tanning lamps may last a long time but the lamps loose their effectiveness after so many hours of use.



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