Tanning Canopies

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What is a tanning canopy?

Tanning Canopies

If you are a home tanning enthusiast but you don't have the space for a full-size tanning bed, you may want to consider a tanning canopy. For example, SunQuest tanning canopies are compact, foldable, and roll out of sight on attached castors when you are done tanning. You will be able to tan at home even if you do not have space for a tanning bed.

A good tanning canopy should provide full side-to-side tanning in as little as 15 square feet. Like any sort of tanning bed, tanning canopies should be used carefully and the manual should be followed. Check with a tanning beds supplier for comparing costs. The tanning canopy is in some cases easier to afford than a full tanning bed.



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