More Tanning Tips for the Tanning Process: Your Face

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What should I do to tan my face?

More Tanning Tips for the Tanning Process: Your Face

  • For facial tanning in salon or residential tanning beds, be sure to get information about your skin type from a professional to find the best way to approach the tanning process for your particular complexion.
  • Facial tanning can give you a healthy looking glow, but be aware of the effects of tanning beds and take precautions. You may need a much higher SPF product for your face, especially if you are: fair-skinned, prone to freckling, aging, if you have moles, or if you have had many burns from a history of tanning outdoors. Reapply sunscreen often to avoid burns.
  • Use moisturizer. Many tanning bed lotions have Vitamin E and tyrosine that help prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Don't forget the 'after tan' facial moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.
  • If your tanning bed has a facial tanning option, only use it for a short amount of time during your first several sessions and gradually increase the time as you go.
  • Don't forget your lips - use SPF lip balm when tanning.
  • Always wear tanning goggles to protect your eyes from UV damage.
  • You have the potential to get a great, healthy looking tan, but always follow advice from professionals and protect your skin with SPF products and moisturizers.


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