Commercial Tanning Booths

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Why do I need a commercial tanning booth in my salon?

Commercial Tanning Booths

A great alternative to commercial tanning beds are tanning booths. Because they stand vertically, tanning booths take up less floor space. Tanning booths are also easier top clean, since the tanner never has to touch the sides of the booth.

Today's tanning booths are larger than before, which means that more people, especially those who don't enjoy tight spaces, will be comfortable in the booth. The increase in size also allows more lamps to be installed, which in turn decreases the time required for each session.

Some manufacturers also now produce tanning beds that can be used either horizontally or as tanning booths. These new designs offer spacious comfort and with higher concentrations of powerful lamps, they have the benefit of having clear panels so you can see outside and don't feel stuck inside the booth.

It's always a good idea to have a mix of commercial tanning beds and booths in your salon to maximize customer satisfaction.



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