High Pressure Tanning Beds

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Why should I use a high pressure tanning bed?

High Pressure Tanning Beds

High pressure tanning beds are commonly seen as added facials at the head end of the canopies. The pressure within the bed's tube is more than one atmosphere, and the heavier quartz tube is needed to withstand the thermal energy while containing the pressurized environment.

Most salons have high pressure tanning beds to satisfy the tanning needs of their immediate to advanced customers. Users also like high pressure tanning beds because they filter out most of the UVB light only allowing enough to shine through to stimulate the melanocytes. This means that more UVA light reaches the melanin, which provides a great tan with less risk of skin problems.

It should only take about 3 to 5 sessions to establish a base tan using a high pressure tanning bed and the tan will last longer and require less maintenance.



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