Maximizing Lamp Life on a Commercial Tanning Bed

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How can I maximize the life on my commercial tanning bed lamps?

Maximizing Lamp Life on a Commercial Tanning Bed

Though lamps for commercial tanning beds all have their own lamp life rating, there are things you can do to get the most from the life of your commercial tanning beds' lamps.

You should always start with a high quality lamp and clean it according to the manufacturer's specifications. Clean reflective surfaces behind the lamps periodically and/or when you re-lamp and be sure to replace worn starters before they cause re-strikes or fail entirely; this is important because worn starters can destroy a good lamp very quickly. Always maintain proper room temperatures wherever you commercial tanning beds are kept and make sure that incoming voltage meets the manufacturer's requirements.

Always make sure that you replace weak lamps in your commercial tanning beds before your customers begin to complain.



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