Buying a Commercial Tanning Bed

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What should I look for when purchasing commercial tanning beds?

Buying a Commercial Tanning Bed

If you are considering the purchase of a commercial tanning bed for your business, look for a quality tanning bed vendor with a good reputation for customer care. It's important to have a wide range of options and pricing to suit your needs. How much are commercial tanning beds? Prices vary depending on type and model. Consider lease-to-own commercial tanning beds, a used model, or special financing if you are on a budget. Whatever you choose, a warranty that covers the tanning bed, parts, lamps, and labor is a must. There are also many considerations when it comes to choosing a model, such as:

  • Cost and financing options
  • Booth type: stand-up, lie-down bulb or DHA mist
  • High or low pressure
  • Voltage and wiring requirements
  • Exposure times
  • Lamp accessibility
  • Options like shoulder tanning, facials, cooling fans
Before you purchase commercial tanning beds, look to the needs of your business and clientele to make the best choice for the most profitable and satisfying returns.



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