Sunless Tanning Safety

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Is Sunless Tanning safe?

Sunless Tanning Safety

Sunless tanning is considered one of the safest ways to get a tan without exposure to UV rays. However, there are some rules you should follow to keep the experience a positive one.

One of the most obvious ones is not applying the sunless tanning lotion to eyes or to sensitive areas of your body. Don't' swallow the tanning lotion. If this happens, follow the directions on the bottle or call Poison Control Center.

Also, don't apply a mix of tanning lotions to your body. It may have severe effects on your skin. Ask a professional at a tanning salon about how to properly apply sunless tanning lotion. You may be able to access a sunless tanning booth at a tanning salon to make it easier on you when applying. They are completely safe if you follow the instructions given to you by the tanning salon attendant.



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