Sunless Tanning: The Basics

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How does Sunless Tanning Work?

Sunless Tanning: The Basics

There are several forms of sunless tanning that you can do. Sunless tanning refers to not using UV rays in order to create a tan. One of the most common ways is to use sunless tanning lotions. The sunless tanning lotions come in a variety of forms but it comes with DHA. This creates brown colored menaloids in your skin. You can find the sunless tanning lotions at your local tanning salon.

If you struggle with getting an even tan doing it by yourself, most professional tanning salons offer a sunless tanning both. The booths offer a way to get an even glowing tan using sunless tanning spray along your body. It is a method of standing in the booth, in a certain way and the booth sprays your body for you. You need only to follow the tanning salon attendant's instructions.



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