Sunless Tanning: Maintenance

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How can I keep my sunless tan from fading?

Sunless Tanning: Maintenance

The problem with sunless tanning is it doesn't last long. Your tan will fade as your skin cells falls away, which happens naturally every day. The effects of the sunless tanning will also be shortened by exposure to water or if you are highly active. Water in your skin cells will dilute your tan.

To keep your tan looking great, reuse your sunless tanner regularly. The more you use the sunless tanning lotion, the more saturated your skin will be. Just don't reuse too often or you'll make your skin too dark.

If you use other tanning lotions with sunscreen on top of your sunless tanned skin, be aware that you shouldn't mix certain products and ask a professional at a tanning salon about it. The tanning salon attendant should be able to offer the right sort of products for self tanning, maintenance and lotions.



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