Tanning Salon Owners Responsibility To Customers

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As a tanning salon owner, what repsonsibility do I have to my customers?

Tanning Salon Owners Responsibility To Customers

As the owner of a tanning salon, it is your responsibility to monitor the length of time for which your customers are in the tanning beds. If your salon is in a regulated state, you will probably need to take special classes in order to get certification to run your salon. Even if you are not required to take a class, it might be a good idea for you so that you can best protect your customers.

You need to set up rules and regulations for your salon and make sure every customer follows them. You must have a limit on how long customers are allowed in the tanning beds. Some states have regulations stating that customers cannot tan more than once in any 48 hour time period. Even without the state regulation, this is a good rule to enforce upon your customers.

While you should have tanning bed timers set up to automatically turn the tanning bed off, you should always keep your eye on what customers are in which beds in case the timer happens to malfunction. Remember, your customers are your responsibility. Also, you should always follow through with the rules for your salon; enforce them with every customer.



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