What You Need to Start Your Tanning Business

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What do I need to start my tanning business?

What You Need to Start Your Tanning Business

The benefits of tanning salon ownership is twofold: You make money AND you get all the industry know-how to look great in every season. If you are starting a tanning salon business, here is a checklist of tanning equipment and supplies you will need to be a successful entrepreneur:

  • At least one commercial tanning bed, possibly more, depending on your business plan. Successful tanning businesses usually offer a variety of tanning booths (stand up and lie down styles).
  • A computer to keep track of your tanning bed timers.
  • Spray or mist tanning equipment and supplies.
  • Tanning lotions (tanning accelerators, tanning oils, sunscreen products, self-tanning products, etc.).
  • Moisturizing products.
  • A supply of protective goggles.
  • Swimsuits, sunglasses, visors.
  • Replacement bulbs and parts for your tanning beds.
  • Safety signs.
  • Seating and reading materials for your waiting room.
  • Bottled water.
A good wholesale supplier will help you get your business started, from helping you with a business plan to selecting tanning booths that meet your needs. Look for financing, advice, and options at www.mastertanning.com.



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