Know Your Skin Type

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Why is my skin type important with tanning?

Know Your Skin Type

Did you know you have a skin type? You do, and depending on what it is, you should be aware of it before you head off to the tanning bed at the salon. For example, if you have sensitive white skin, or albino skin, you would be Skin Type 1. If you have dark skin, you have a Skin Type 5.

If you go into a tanning salon, you'll be able to tell if the attendant is a professional or not as he or she will ask you what skin type you have. If someone doesn't ask, you should. It will determine how often you should tan and for how long. If you have very light skin, do not assume you can just tan longer to see results. It doesn't work like that. If you have a sensitive skin type, it could be dangerous.



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They would have better credibility if they ran spell check, but enjoyed what I read, though not as informative as I had hoped.


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