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Can tanning prevent sunburn?

Tanning Bed Lamps

The photobiology research community determines that most skin cancers are related to a strong pattern of intermittent exposure to ultraviolet light. Those people genetically predispose to skin cancer. It is not from exposure alone.

Heredity and a pattern of repeated sunburning is what causes skin cancer, not tanning. To prevent from burning yet to still enjoy the benefits of the sun, which everyone needs, indoor tanning offers a safe alternative. It is also good to tan as it helps the skin to prevent the risks of skin cancer. That kind of prevention is exactly what the indoor tanning industry is doing effectively. Safe exposure to UV rays through tanning bed lamps and indoor tanning beds avoid the intermittent exposure. Tanning beds allow you additional control to prevent sunburn!



6/3/2007 8:26:04 PM
SKN said:

Very true, but it's also a godd idea to use the SAMR bed each time if possible. You may have been tanning for a week for 10 minute sessions and doing fine. Then you happen to get a bed with NEW bulbs and you find you then burn in only 10 minutes. Older bulbs with more hours on them are weaker than new bulbs. Before getting my own commercial home bed, I'd either make the salon tell me the hours on the bed (bulbs) or request/ wait on the same bed each visit and ask each time if the bulbs had been changed since my last visit. Also, tanning bed bulbs with too many hours on them will not tan you period. Some salons will say as long as they are lit, they will tan- NOT TRUE!!!


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