Safe Outdoor Tanning

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How long can I tan outside safely?

Safe Outdoor Tanning

There are ways to tan outdoor safely by being aware of what you are doing. Sunscreens are designed to protect your skin, but only if you use the products correctly. Many outdoor tanners do not use sunscreens properly and end up with sunburns.

It is more difficult to tan safely outdoors than it is to tan indoors. Indoors, someone may regulate tanning time and you know exactly how much UV light you will be getting. The light is direct and it takes a lesser amount of time to tan than outside. Outside, other objects and weather conditions redirect sunlight, leaving uncertain tanning results.

The best way to tan outdoors safely is to use sunscreen. Sunscreen will protect your body while still allowing the body to tan. Use the right SPF number. SPF 15 will allow you to stay out in the sun 15 times longer than you normally can.



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