How to Tan Effectively From the Start

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How do I get started with indoor tanning?

How to Tan Effectively From the Start

Most people associate indoor tanning as the same as outdoor tanning. In that they expect to be out for a half an hour or more just to get a decent tan. Tanning for too long, in any environment, can be dangerous. Getting some healthy sunlight or a nice tan is good for you, but over exposure could lead to sunburns or worse, skin cancer.

To use caution, start by talking with a professional. Most will tell you that while indoor tanning is generally safer than tanning outside, you should not be in the tanning bed for longer than 12 minutes. For someone's first time, it is recommended you try for only five minutes of tanning time and only increase when it is recommended. This should be enough to give you a healthy, even tan without becoming too dark or even red.



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