Indoor Tanning and Ultraviolet Light

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How does a tanning bed work?

Indoor Tanning and Ultraviolet Light

Tanning beds and booths emit Ultraviolet rays, just like the sun. UV rays help your skin to tan but can also be dangerous if you get too much sunlight. There are even different categories of UV rays. Knowing the difference between the rays may be helpful to you.

The sun's three types of UV rays are the UV-C, UV-B and UV-A. Most of the differences are in the sun rays wavelengths. The UV-C rays are the shortest while the UV-A are the longest. The UV-C rays are the most harmful to your skin. Most of this, thankfully, is absorbed through the ozone layer or through the pollution in the air. The UV-B starts you tanning while the UV-A rays complete your tanning.

Tanning laps in tanning beds use only UV-A or UV-B rays. This prevents too much overexposure and is ideal for tanning. However, you may want to be aware that even too much tanning in a tanning bed can still be harmful. Follow instructions from a professional before trying a tanning bed.



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