Tips on Indoor Tanning from the American Tanning Institute

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What are some good tips about indoor tanning?

Tips on Indoor Tanning from the American Tanning Institute

Do you want to buy an indoor tanning bed, or have you considered making an appointment to use indoor tanning beds at a salon? Here are some important indoor tanning tips from the American Tanning Institute (ATI):

  • A study by the ATI confirms that the proper use of indoor tanning lotions improves the effectiveness of tanning. The effects of indoor tanning when lotions are used is healthier skin and a longer lasting tan.
  • Indoor tanning supplies and products should not be purchased through non-tanning outlets, flea markets, or other business that are unrelated to the tanning industry. Products could be out-of-date or damaged if they are not sold by an indoor tanning bed business or retailer.
  • What are the risks of indoor tanning? Their are fewer than the outdoor experience due to the control the consumer has over commercial indoor tanning beds. Timed sessions, protective eye wear, and temperature control are among the pros to indoor tanning.
  • Since overexposure to tanning has been shown to cause melanoma, the history of indoor tanning has been marked by regulation to protect consumers. The FDA is mandated to publicize indoor tanning facts to reduce overexposure. Your salon should make you aware of the necessary indoor tanning information to keep your skin healthy while tanning.
  • Your salon operator is obligated to make sure you wear protective eye wear while tanning to protect your eyes from overexposure. Always wear recommended goggles to protect from corneal sunburn.
  • If you are researching indoor tanning beds with the intention to purchase, you should receive detailed information from the manufacturer about safe usage.



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