Saving Money By Purchasing Your Own Tanning Bed

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Will I save money by buying my own home tanning bed?

Saving Money By Purchasing Your Own Tanning Bed

While purchasing a residential tanning bed may sound expensive at first, it helps if you consider how much you would be spending if you continued to go for weekly visits to the tanning salon.

In order to calculate the cost difference, it is important that you keep all expenses in mind, including electricity and how much it would cost you in gas to drive to the tanning salon. Calculate how much money you spend tanning at the salon by considering how many times a week you go, how many miles you drive there, and how much you pay for gas.

Then calculate how much your residential tanning bed will cost, how often you will have to pay for new lamps, and how much electricity you use per tanning session.

In doing this, you can figure out how much a year at a salon will cost you, versus how much your home tanning bed will cost. The best part is, each year, the salon costs will go up, while your residential tanning bed costs will go down, as long as you are finished paying for your bed. Hopefully these calculations will help you see the financial benefits of owning your own tanning bed. And when you add in the convenience of tanning whenever you choose in the privacy of your own home, it's priceless.



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