Check For a Warranty on Your Used Tanning Bed

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Do I need a warranty for my purchase of a used tanning bed?

Check For a Warranty on Your Used Tanning Bed

The first thing you should do when considering the purchase of a used tanning bed is to check and see if the bed is still under warranty. The bed doesn't necessarily need to be under warranty to warrant purchase, but it can add a lot of value to the bed if it is. Some manufacturers offer two to three year warranties, so if you're purchasing a newer used tanning bed, there is a chance it will be under warranty.

If the used tanning bed you are considering is under warranty, you need to make sure that the warranty can be transferred to a new owner. You may have to call the tanning bed manufacturer to discuss your options for transferring the warranty. If you can get a warranty with your used tanning bed purchase, it may be very valuable as you get to know your new bed and how it works.



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