How Often Tanning Salons Should Change Tanning Bed Lamps

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How often should I change the lamps on my tanning beds?

How Often Tanning Salons Should Change Tanning Bed Lamps

Tanning bed lamps need to be changed before they actually burn out. The reason for this is that, the closer they are to burning out, the less UV light they emit and the less effective they become.

If you're using 1,000 hour lamps, they should be changed after 800 hours in order for you to keep your beds as effective as possible. If you're using 800 hour lamps, you should change them after 700 hours. A good rule of thumb is to change the lamps after they use up 80% of their life expectancy. The bulbs for face lamps don't last as long as the bulbs in tanning beds, and need to be changed more often.



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