When Buck Boosters Transformers are Necessary

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Do I need a buck booster transformer?

When Buck Boosters Transformers are Necessary

You may need to purchase and use a buck booster transformer in order to operate some of your tanning beds. This device is basically for stepping up or down the voltage, at a fixed-ratio rate.

In order to determine what kind of buck booster transformer you will need, and if you need one at all, you need to measure the voltage at your salon or tanning bed location. When you are measuring, keep in mind that if you are running several tanning beds at the same time, you will experience a drop in voltage of about 2V to 6V . As a general rule, you should try to obtain a voltage of 235V with your transformer, so if more machines are running, it will at least be at 230V.

Many people think buck boosters adjust to the tanning bed's needs. They believe that the voltage from the buck booster will go up and down as the voltage changes. But this is not true. If a buck booster is designed to raise your voltage a certain amount, it will always raise it a certain amount.

A sign that you need a buck booster transformer are that the lamps on your beds don't light or light slower than they should. Buck booster transformers are important to purchase if needed because you can damage your tanning beds and void your warranties if you don't run them at the proper voltage.



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