Sanitizing Tanning Beds

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Do tanning beds need to be sanitized?

Sanitizing Tanning Beds

After a tanning bed has been used, it will most likely be covered with bacteria and sweat. You do not want to lie in the mess that another customer has left behind. Tanning bed salon employees will go into the room and sanitize the beds after each customer. They should also sterilize the beds first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.

However, even if the employees of the salon do sanitize the bed, they may not do a good job, or you may want the bed cleaned more thoroughly. This is why many salons also leave a bottle of sanitizer in each room with a bed. They should provide you with access to as many towels as you need. If you do not see any disinfectant in the room, you should ask the salon employees if you can use some. Wipe down the bed completely, before and after you use it.

If you are using eye protection that you are borrowing from the salon, you should also make certain that it has been sanitized.



6/3/2007 8:17:09 PM
SKN said:

VERY good idea to only visit salons that offer as many towels as needed and a bootle of spray cleaner. The only local salon I have did not. I got a nasty fungal infection on my shoulder. I then just purchased my own commercial bed.


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