Eye Protection While Tanning

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Do I need to wear eye protection when tanning?

Eye Protection While Tanning

You should always wear goggles over your eyes when tanning in a tanning bed. The Food and Drug Administration make wearing eye protection mandatory and will ask to see your protection before allowing you in the bed.

The good news salons will offer, either for free or sale, various forms of eye protection. Tanning salons also often offer various designs so you can choose the type you want. Many people don't like wearing goggles with an elastic band because they cause tan lines. The goggles without an elastic are fine for when laying down in a bed, though some people are still bothered by the tan line that could appear across their noses. An option to remedy this is the globe shaped goggles, which are two separate cup shaped lenses that you place over your eyes, eliminating all chance of tan lines.

Beware of salons that claim their beds are so innovative that you don't need eye protection. Also, closing your eyes, wearing sunglasses, or placing cotton balls over your eyes should never be substituted for tanning bed eye protection.



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