Tanning Industry Publications

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Are there magazines geared specifically to salon owners?

Tanning Industry Publications

There are a variety of publications targeted to tanning salon owners that include reviews of commercial tanning beds, expert articles on marketing and promotions, and managing a tanning salon. Two such magazines are Looking Fit and Tanning Trends. The Tanning Industry Association also publishes a magazine for its members that includes information on tanning trends, the status of the U.S. indoor tanning industry, and other valuable information.



3/7/2007 12:08:46 PM
Sherron said:

The indoor tanning industry's leading and most read publication is Island Sun Times, published monthly since 1997. The organization mentioned in the "tip" - The Tanning Industry Association -does not exist; the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA)is the industry's only trade organization, and they do NOT publish a magazine.


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