Eye Protection

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Should I wear protective eyewear?

Eye Protection

Remember when you were growing up and adults would warn you not to look directly at the sun? Well, there's a reason for that. The UVA and UVB light emitted by the sun and indoor tanning lamps can damage your eyes. Not only should you wear protective eyewear when using an indoor tanning bed, you are legally obligated to do so. Tanning salon operators must provide all customers with FDA-approved protective eyewear to use during tanning sessions. Tanning without wearing protective eyewear puts you at risk for developing a host of vision-related complications, including permanent damage to your cornea and retina. Don't do it. Wear FDA-approved safety goggles. If the salon you go to doesn't provide them, find a different salon. If the salon is ignoring this regulation, chances are it is ignoring other regulations, and your health could be at risk.



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